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March 14, 2002
Not Another Peace Plan

By Israel Shamir


In the quid pro quo trade, Israel is for the quid. Quo can wait, as it waited last fifty years.

It is warm in the low hills bordering the plain; purple-dark lupines, a favourite flower of March, run along the dirt track from the refugee camp to a nearby quarry. The place is swarming with soldiers, who assist the security in the selection job. Men are separated from their womenfolk; they are handcuffed by mass-produced plastic handcuffs, standard black sacks on their heads. They are taken to the quarry, beaten, some are shot, and some are tortured. Their houses were demolished by huge Caterpillar machines. Twenty men are executed by 8 o'clock. It is another morning of ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

In another world, twenty miles away, Israelis fight with heavy road traffic. It is another day of shopping and entertainment. In the Qiriya government buildings, politicians and officials discuss the Saudi Peace plan. HRH Prince Abdullah proposed to Israel full acceptance of the Arab world in exchange for full withdrawal from territories occupied in 1967. Israeli responses show the true difference between opposing streams of Israeli public opinion.

Brutal Sharon and his right-wing followers flatly reject the proposal. They do not give a damn about Arab recognition.

Liberal Peres of Labour party replies as follows: Yes, we gladly accept the Saudi Peace plan. It is a great plan, and Prince's idea to recognise and accept Israel is a wonderful thing. Surely we won't give up the lands or withdraw, but the plan is good.

In the quid pro quo trade, the Jewish 'Left' is for the quid. Quo can wait, as it waited last fifty years. Israeli Right is not all that much interested even in playing the game of 'peace process'.

The purpose of this game is to calm the frayed nerves of contemporaries, who became witnesses of an unpleasant thing, a Palestinian Holocaust. It is hard to live without hope, and that is why fertile minds invent new proposals, new frameworks and discussion tables. While the proposals are being discussed, the Holocaust goes on. Palestine is destroyed, Palestinians murdered and tortured, and it is still the first stage of the new an-Naqba. In today's (12.03.2002) Haaretz[i], Amnon Barzilai reports on the new opinion poll carried out by Jaffe Institute for Strategic Studies. According to it, 46% of Jews in Israel support mass deportation (transfer) of the Palestinians. If the question is asked in more 'soft' form, the support for the Final Solution raises to 60%.

Nazis never openly declared their intention to massacre Jews and Gypsies, they spoke of 'deportation' and 'transfer' as of their 'Final Solution'. Even in 1938, these ideas have not had such wholehearted support in Nazi Germany, as they have now in the Jewish state.

But what is the Jewish state? Is it Israel, the small sliver of land in the Middle East? How would it be able to bend the will of Europeans and Americans? The Jewish historian, Solomon Lurie, author of the fundamental study of anti-Semitism in antiquity, spoke of a 'non-territorial Jewish nation-state'. Now this powerful non-territorial state stretching from New York to Moscow accepted Nazi doctrine as its policy and genocide as its praxis. A good example is provided by the Jewish American law professor from Harvard, Alan Dershowitz, who writes in Sir Conrad Black's owned Jerusalem Post[ii]: “the first act of [Palestinian] terrorism should result in the destruction of a small village which has been used as a base for terrorist operations. The residents would be given 24 hours to leave, and then troops will come in and bulldoze all of the buildings”. It was the standard practice of Nazi troops in occupied Europe.

Provided that Dershowitz and others of that ilk taught American students for a generation, while Black and his comrades-in-arms busily promoted this agenda, it is not strange that the US gives its full support to the Judeo-Nazi war machine. Rumours of the impending US attack on Iraq and Saudi Arabia were designed to freeze the neighbouring Arab nations in the state of horrified expectation. Apparently they succeeded. The Saudi Prince Abdullah probably understands as well as anybody in the Middle East that any 'peace proposal' will be utilised by Zionists in order to stall the talks and to go on with their homicidal plans. But he apparently felt his first duty was to his people, to the Saudis, threatened by the Damocles' Sword of the US Air Force. There is not a slight chance for this or other peace plan, be it Zinni, Tenet, or Mitchell plan. In 1970-72, a whole set of peace proposals were produced by Jarring and other statesmen. Israel used the time to beef up its Bar-Lev line along the Suez, while stalling or rejecting proposals. The pattern repeated itself after Madrid and Oslo.

The Judeo-Nazi plans are laid out. The media they control stifles reporting and discussion of the Palestinian Holocaust, the US Armed Forces provide them with total protection. Their hand can not be stayed. Not by the ritual peace proposals, anyway.

Instead of this waste of words, HRH Prince Abdullah and other leaders should move their country's currency deposits from dollar to Euro and gold. Non-Islamic interest-taking banking must be outlawed as other form of loan sharking. We can do the same, and add a full scale boycott of newspapers and professors supporting the genocide in Palestine.

Mankind still has a chance to save Palestinians and to save oneself. Dershowitz, Black and Co should be treated as accessories to Sharon's war crimes, and the Jewish state must be deNazified, as thoroughly as Germany after 1945.

[i] www.haaretz.co.il/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=140196&contrassID=2&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0

[ii] 11.3.02

Israel Shamir is an Israeli writer and journalist. He lives in Jaffa. His other articles are available on the site www.israelshamir.net

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