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January 08, 2001
Relative Calm

By Ali Abunimah


Dear NileMedia Reader: Like other mass media outlets dominated by the Yiddish supremacists, NPR has been adamant in ignoring any reports of Palestinian civilian casualties. Consider the facts in the following article by Ali AbuNimah. I am constantly amazed that these NPR derelicts don't form a murder squad as part of their staff to spend the summer on a killing spree in the West Bank and Gaza. That way when they cover up a murder, they will at least have a clue about the identity and age of their victim. True enough, NPR markets itself as a "Relatively Liberal" cousin of the Yiddish Supremacist clan that dominates the mainstream media. But when the history books indict the accomplices of Ariel Sharon, you can be certain that the NPR reporters will be given ample space in the dock.

January 8, 2001

Dear NPR News,

Consistently over the past week, NPR hosts and reporters have been repeating as a mantra that there has over the past three weeks been a "relative calm" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Linda Gradstein defined this for us when she told Morning Edition host Bob Edwards on January 3 that "you know, there's been actually three weeks of relative quiet. Only one Israeli has been killed in those three weeks, as opposed to 44 Israelis who were killed when Zinni was here last time in November and early December."

In fact, since December 13, at least 28 Palestinians, most of them unarmed civilians and 11 of them children, have been killed by the Israeli occupation. Eighteen of them died since Yasir Arafat made his call for an end to all Israeli and Palestinian violence on December 16 as Israel's raids, demolitions and siege have continued unabated. Because Ms. Gradstein seems to be too lazy or incompetent to do much more than breathlessly report what the Israeli military has told her, and because her editors in Washington are apparently entirely uninterested in holding her accountable, I have compiled a detailed list of every one of the Palestinians killed that I could find reported in the media. Here it is:

Dec 13; Rami Khamis Al-Zorob, 13, killed by a live bullet to the head while playing near his home as Israeli forces fired at civilian houses. Rafah, Gaza

Dec 13; Ahmed Khamis Al-Masri, 19, killed by bullet to the heart as Israeli occupation forces fired at a group of young men. Khan Yunis refugee camp, Gaza

Dec 14; Israeli occupation forces invade the West Bank village of Salfit, killing six Palestinian members of the security forces. They are:

Mohammed Mohammed Aashour, 19, wounded by two bullets in the chest and his right arm. He was run down by an Israeli army vehicle after being shot.

Assad Atayeh, 22, from Salfit, hit by several bullets in the chest. He was run down by an Israeli army vehicle after being shot.

Khalid Abu Yaqub, 27, from Kufol Haris hit by a bullet in the head

Samih Jawad Abdel-Latif al-Danaf, 20, from Salfit, hit by a bullet in the chest and in the abdomen

Diah Nadi Ibdah, 19, from Salfit, an employee of the Palestinian presidential guard (Force 17), hit by a bullet in the head

Raziq Shabaan Haruzallah, 25, from Salfit hit by a bullet in the neck

Dec 15; A Palestinian man was killed during an Israeli military incursion into the Palestinian town of Rafah, Gaza

December 16 (Yasir Arafat makes speech calling for end to all Israeli and Palestinian violence)

Dec 16; Yasir Al-Kasbeh, 12, killed by rubber coated steel, Qalandia refugee camp, West Bank

Dec 17; Muhammad Huneidek, 12, killed by bullet to the chest fired from Israeli checkpoint near Neve Dekalim settlement, Gaza Strip

Dec 17; Munjed Salman, 22, Palestinian police officer. Killed when Israeli forces opened fire with heavy machine guns on a police patrol. Nablus, West Bank

Dec 17; Yaqoub Adkediq, 28, shot dead as he fled from Israeli death squad that raided his home at 3 am. Hebron, West Bank

Dec 20; Dib Sarawi, 37, killed when hit in the head by fire as Israeli forces raided Nablus. Mr. Sarawi's wife and 12-year old daughter were injured.

Dec 24; Jamil Abu Atwan, 22, killed in exchange of fire with Jewish settlers in the West Bank

Dec 26; Walid Saadi, 53, killed by Israeli helicopter gunships attacking Jenin, West Bank

Dec 28; Mahmoud Al-Boraieh, 22, from Jabaliya refugee camp, shot dead by an Israeli patrol who claimed he was "preparing an attack." Gaza City.

Dec 29; Nujud Ghonam (female), 26, died of a brain hemorrage after beinf knocked unconscious with a rifle butt by an Israeli soldier during a raid of her home. Al Khadr village near Bethlehem, West Bank

Dec 30; Three Palestinian boys are killed by Israeli forces near the settlement of Neve Dekalim in the Gaza Strip. Israeli first claims the boys are "militants" who had "bombs strapped to their bodies." All these false claims are later withdrawn. The boys are:
Mohammed Ahmed Lubbad, 17;
Mohammed Abdel-Rahman El-Madhoun, 15;
Ahmed Mohammed Banat, 15

Jan 4; A Palestinian man is killed as Israeli forces raid Nablus

Jan 6; Five Palestinian children made homeless after their family fled their home in Khan Yunis refugee camp due to constant shelling by Israeli forces, forces die when their refugee tent is set on fire accidentally by a candle. The children are:
Nafez Huneideq, 3
Turkia Huneideq, 5
Fadi Huneideq, 6
Sufian Huneideq, 7
Hussein Huneideq, 9

The above list includes only people killed by the Israeli occupation. In addition to this their were dozens of men, women and children maimed and injured by the occupation forces, dozens more houses demolished, as millions of civilians continued to exist under an unrelenting military siege.

The fact that NPR consistently and deliberately ignores these dozens of Palestinians brutally killed by Israel demonstrates in the clearest possible terms that only Israeli lives are valued and only the concerns and security of Israel are taken seriously by NPR.

Will you now finally stop your obscene and shocking references to "calm" and begin to report on the relentless Israeli violence that has not stopped taking Palestinian lives and limbs for a single day?


Ali Abunimah