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August 12, 2002
Support Cynthia McKinney

By Ali Abunimah


Dear Friends,

Cynthia McKinney, the U.S. House Representative from Georgia's 4th District, has long been a consistent, forceful and courageous supporter of Palestinian rights, an opponent of sanctions and war against Iraq, and a campaigner against government abuses of civil rights of Arab Americans, immigrants and Muslims at home. She has taken tough, public stances against U.S. foreign policies that are supported even by the vast majority of her own Democratic colleagues, as well as by the current Administration.

Precisely because of these positions, McKinney has been targeted for removal from the U.S. Congress by pro-Israeli campaign donors and special interests. On August 20 she faces a crucial primary challenge by an opponent backed by pro-Israeli groups who are determined to silence one of the only voices of dissent against America's full backing for Sharon's Israel.

The article below from the August 2 Washington Post, provides a very good summary. I encourage you to read it.

Because I believe that it is important to stand by those who have stood with us, and that we must fight to preserve one of the few voices for justice within the U.S. Capitol, I decided to contribute to Cynthia McKinney's re-election campaign. If you share this view, I urge you to consider making a contribution as well.

Please note that this message is intended to reflect only my personal opinion and not that of any organization, group or website with which I am affiliated.

You can learn more about Cynthia McKinney and find out how to make a donation to her re-election campaign at: www.cynthia2002.com/

NB: Under U.S. law, only U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents may contribute to a U.S. election campaign.

Ali Abunimah

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