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April 03, 2002
Israeli forces cut off all water supplies to Ramallah

By Ali Abunimah


April 3, 2002, GMT 1500

URGENT: Israeli forces cut off all water supplies to Ramallah

The two messages below were posted today at The Electronic Intifada's Live From Palestine section at http://www.electronicintifada.net/diaries/

The occupation forces have turned off the water supplies to the WHOLE of Ramallah seriously endangering 120,000 people. This action is a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Conventions.

PLEASE write and call the U.S. government immediately to demand specifically that the water be turned back on and that Israel be forced to end its occupation.

*U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
Direct line: (202) 647-1512
Public Affairs Bureau: (202) 647-6575
Email: secretary@state.gov

The Live from Palestine site is being updated all the time with information that you won't get in the mainstream media. Please use this information in all your contacts with government officials and the media.

Ali Abunimah
For The Electronic Intifada

Wednesday, April 3, 2002
Israeli military turns off water to all Ramallah

Al-Bireh/Ramallah, Occupied Palestine -- We have been without water since this morning. I just confirmed that the Israeli Military has taken over the main pumping station located in Betounia, next to the Preventive Security Building that was heavily shelled 2 nights ago. They have tuned off the pumps to ALL of Ramallah. Our water department does not know if any damage was done to the pump.

We are calling on all to immediately bring this up in your media, talk shows, officials, etc. DEMAND ISRAEL TO LET PALESTINIANS HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR WATER. Ask your media to inquire with Israeli and U.S. officials.

The whole of Ramallah and Al-Bireh are now utilizing their 24hr reserve tanks on the roofs of their homes. This is all being done as other Palestinian cities are facing the same Israeli rampage that Ramallah is facing.

The situation is critical and needs immediate action.

Sam Bahour

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Ramallah is without water

Ramallah -- I hope you get this message soon. The situation in Ramallah is as follows: many parts of the town continue to be without water. Even with the problems of water solved, it will not reach most homes because 6 out of 9 electrical feeding stations are down.

No electricity means no water, no sewage pumping (serious for public health) and no ovens can work to bake bread, among other problems.

Five of the main feeding stations that provide electricity to Ramallah and 24 western villages are located in the Ramallah industrial zone. The electricity company is not allowed by the Israeli army to reach the area to fix the problems. The company was given the ok this morning to fix two other feeding stations in the Al-Bireh area, where the governorate and President Arafat are located, but as they go out this morning, they are being harrassed and believe they are in danger.

What we need is immediate intervention to get the feeding stations fixed in the industrial zone and in other areas. Without electricity, there will be no water and no bread and a major public health disaster. I hope you can work on this issue.

The information in this email comes from the electricity company. about 120,000 people in Ramallah and surrounding villages are without electricity at this moment.

Rita Giacaman
Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University.

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