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November 06, 2001
Three Palestinians executed in cold blood

By Ali Abunimah


November 6, 2001

Israeli soldiers executed three injured Palestinians in cold blood today according to witnesses from the Palestinian Red Cresence Society.

The incident is reminiscent of the notorious "Bus 300" affair in which Israeli Shin Bet agent Danny Yatom, whom Ariel Sharon recently appointed as his "head of counterterrorism," beat to death two Palestinian prisoners. Mr. Yatom told an Israeli newspaper that he personally crushed the men's heads with a rock after they had been arrested for allegedly hijacking a bus in April 1984. Israel also executed Egyptian prisoners of war in 1956 and 1967 suggesting a pattern of major war crimes for which no Israeli leader has been brought to account.

Elsewhere, two Palestinian activists were killed in a car-bombing suspected to have been carried out by an Israeli death squad.

Ali Abunimah

06 November 2001
Palestine Media Center - PMC

Palestinian resources from the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) told the Palestine Media Center (PMC) that Israeli occupation forces killed three Palestinians today 6 November. The incident took place in front of the PRCS crews, after they were prevented from treating the victims.

Medical sources from the Rafidia hospital in Nablus City confirmed to the PMC that Iyad Al-Khateeb, Ali Abu Hijla and Jamal Abu Maloh's bodies arrived at the hospital around 4.00 PM.

Mr. Mohamed Ayyad, PRCS Spokesperson, told the PMC, "At two O'clock this afternoon, PRCS ambulance reached Tel Borin near Nablus City. At that time, the medical team was prevented from reaching the three Palestinians who were suffering from light injuries ". Mr. Ayyad added, "our medical crew was asked to attend to an Israeli soldier who was seriously injured. However, his wounds were so serious, the team couldn't save him."

Mr. Ayyad confirmed that after the PRCS medical team failed to save the Israeli officer's life, seven Israeli soldiers approached the injured Palestinians, who lay bleeding on the road, and killed them in cold blood."The medical team witnessed the crime. After killing the three injured Palestinians, the Israeli soldiers told the medial team that there was no reason for them to stay any more because the men were now dead". Mr.Ayyad said.

Mr.Ayyad described the killing of the three injured Palestinians as an "extra-judicial execution".

The Palestinian leadership issued a statement in which it considered that Israeli occupation soldiers committed "an unimaginable and vicious war crime". The Palestinian Leadership also called on the international community to immediately launch an investigation into the crime.