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August 28, 2001
Valuable resource from PMWATCH



Dear NileMedia reader: please take the time to read the following message from the president of PMWATCH.org, Ahmed Bouzid. PMWATCH has built a robust organization for those who want to challenge the slanted coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They are setting the standard for those who want to engage in monitoring and challenging the well financed anti-Palestinian media campaign of the Israeli government and their supporters in the Jewish Lobby. Now more than ever, we need to speak up and give Americans a wake-up call about what is really happening in the Holy Land.

A message from Ahmed Bouzid President

Dear all:

Thanks to input from pmwatchers and others, the DidYouKNow section of the SnakeBite kit is now even more impressive. Please visit:

Thanks to your help, we are having a powerful arsenal that will demolish any pro-occupation argument with facts and rationality.

Ahmed Bouzid