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June 13, 2006
The Palestinians have no friends

By Ahmed Amr.


The Palestinians have no friends
By Ahmed Amr

Early June is the perfect season to experience the beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean. The oppressive heat of July and August are still ahead of us and the water is as temperate as the air that you breathe. Even in a place as troubled as Gaza, the temptation to take a dip in the water is irresistible.

A picnic at the beach is still a novel concept to many Palestinians. For two generations, the finest beaches in the Gaza strip have been reserved for the exclusive use of a few thousand Jewish settlers.

But this summer was supposed to be different. The settlers were gone and the Israeli Army had packed its lethal gear and 'disengaged' from the densely populated strip. For the first time in living memory - a family could escape the dismal overcrowded refugee camps for picnics by the sea shore.

For one Palestinian family, the decision to indulge in the simple pleasure of a picnic by the sea ended up in bloody orgy of death and dismemberment. The entire clan was wiped out by an Israeli shell - leaving behind a single survivor - a young girl screaming in agony for her kin.

Because the victims were only Palestinians, the incident went without comment from Condi Rice - the intellectually challenged and morally flawed Machiavellian bigot in charge of the State Department. Perhaps she was distracted with the final touches on the not so secret Israeli/American agreement to impose a final solution on the Palestinian people.

The basic outline of the 'Rice/Weisglass' Agreement to liquidate the Palestinian cause was finalized in October 2004. After months of give and take between Rice and Dov Weisglass - Sharon's delegate to the talks - every detail of the 'final solution' was agreed upon by the only two parties invited to the negotiating table - America and Israel. The most important aspect of the agreement was delineating Israel's final borders which - with the blessing of the Bush administration - now extend to half the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. After years of denial, we now have solid confirmation that the Apartheid Wall is the border.

Of course, a few outstanding issues remain to be sorted out between Washington and Tel Aviv. To resolve these matters, the Bush administration has designated Elliot Abrams as the man in charge of the American negotiating team. If his name sounds familiar it is because he was found guilty of intentionally lying to Congress about the Iran/Contra scandal.

Abrams has long been a moving force in the small incestuous group of Likudnik neo-con operatives that played a critical role in marketing the war in Iraq to a gullible American public. For that invaluable service to the nation, George Bush is now rewarding the neo-con priesthood by putting the fate of the Palestinians in their hands.

Elliot Abrams is not only a Likudnik neo-con. He is the son-in-law of Norman Podhoretz, the editor of Commentary - the semi-official publication of the neo-con cabal. For his entire professional life, Abrams has maintained strong ties with Israeli right wing and continues to have an intimate relationship with Natan Sharansky, who resigned from Sharon's cabinet to protest the Gaza disengagement.

If you want an idea of how extremist Elliot Abrams is - consider that he was against the Camp David Accords, against Oslo and a vocal champion of the stupid notion that the Israelis have 'no one to talk to.'

In fact, the Israelis don't need any Palestinians to negotiate with - because they can get a better deal from Condi Rice and Elliot Abrams. The Likudniks covet Palestinian land - not Palestinian recognition. And the last thing they care about is whether the Palestinians agree to honor the previous agreements that the 'Rice/Weisglass' accords have already discarded.

This brings us back to that morbid scene on that beach in Gaza. It was not an error in judgment but a deliberate act of murder intended to provoke the Palestinians - and especially Hamas - into overreacting.

Had the victims been Jews at a Jerusalem Pizza parlor, any Israeli retaliation - no matter how indiscriminate - would have been justified by the moral degenerates who staff the State Department as "Israel's right to defend itself." In the event that the Israeli tank commander commits suicide after killing so many innocents - the media might take notice of the 'incident.' Most likely, the war criminal that fired the fatal shell probably ended his day at a beach party in Tel Aviv.

The massacre of the Palestinian family will hardly merit a footnote in the history books. Hamas militancy will be credited to irrational motives. And Olmert will have another excuse to claim that he must act unilaterally on account of the absence of a credible Palestinian partner.

The not so secret 'Rice/Weisglass' accord is not only a conspiratorial plot - but a fairly simple one. It prevents the Palestinians from negotiating on their own behalf and designates Condi Rice and Elliot Abraham as substitutes for the absent Hamas/Fatah delegation.

The plan calls for the unilateral implementation of a final solution that will be backed up by the full force of Israeli military might and America's political muscle. It aims to coerce and starve the Palestinians into submission till they sign on the dotted line. Bush and Condi have committed themselves to lean heavily on Arab regimes and the Europeans to go along. On the propaganda front, the whole scam will be marketed as a major sacrifice by the 'peace loving' Israelis.

So far, the implementation of 'Rice/Weisglass' accords is going according to plan. The Gaza disengagement is a done deal. The strip has been handed back to the natives as the first of a number of Bantustans that will eventually constitute the 'viable Palestinian state' touted by George Bush. The "no Palestinian partner" smoke screen has been carefully and meticulously constructed by the American and Israeli Government with the dedicated assistance of the mass media tycoons who share ethnic and emotional bonds with their co-religionists in Tel Aviv.

To the eternal shame of the Europeans and Arabs, the Bush administration is having quite a bit of success in starving and softening up the Palestinians with economic sanctions. While the Palestinian factions squabble over who should inherit the remnants of the carcass of their patrimony, their leadership seems blissfully ignorant of the details of the "Rice/Weisglass" accord.

It has long been said of the Kurds that they have no friends. But times change. Now comes the turn of the Palestinians to inherit that dubious distinction. They are being tormented into submission in broad daylight before a very well informed international community. If there is a single Arab or European foreign minister who is unaware of the "Rice/Weisglass" accords - they should be fired for not paying attention.

In keeping with their historical record, the Israelis have no qualms about inflicting sadistic violence on the native people of the Holy Land. As for American politicians, the last thing they need is to enter a losing battle with the Israeli lobby on the eve of American mid-term elections.

The Bush administration certainly has every reason to appease its shrinking political base - especially the militantly Likudnik media allies at CNN, FOX and the New York Times. Add to this miserable scenario the servile kleptocratic Arab leaders who don't want to mix it up with the White House. As for the Europeans, they are now focused on mending fences and shoring up a trans-Atlantic alliance that was badly shaken by the Iraq war.

One cannot understand the Palestinian dilemma without first comprehending the multi-layered international forces working against their liberation. The long suffering native people of the Holy Land stand alone and without friends - abandoned by nasty little bureaucrats with political calculators in every major Arab and European capital. Their fate is now in the hands of an Axis of Sadists in the White House and Tel Aviv that now claim a mandate to unilaterally impose any solution they want on the indigenous population.

The slaughter on the beaches of Gaza is but a detail in a much larger scenario to liquidate the Palestinian cause. In such a political climate, a little picnic at the beach is a dangerous affair even under the bluest skies.

Ahmed Amr is the editor of NileMedia.com

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