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July 01, 2006
Gaza and the treason of the international community

By Ahmed Amr.


Gaza and the treason of the international community
By Ahmed Amr

Take a good look at Gaza and become a witness to what amounts to collective punishment administered to a small people by the rest of the planet. Israel's sadistic army is not alone in laying siege to the densely populated strip of land that has become a virtual penitentiary for a million and a half souls. While Olmert's thugs blow up bridges and power plants, the American government hands them more rope to hang the Palestinians. In the same spirit, the Europeans pitch in to starve the destitute inhabitants while the Arabs lounge around serenely watching the slaughter of their 'brothers.'

It doesn't take an international law degree to recognize that the deliberate destruction of essential infrastructure is a war crime. When Olmert publicly declares his intent to resort to excessive and disproportionate measures - he does so in complete confidence that he has immunity to commit any war crime that strikes his fancy. To cheer him on, Tony Snow sends him a congratulatory note for 'defending himself.'

Witness Gaza and take a note of an act of international aggression against the native inhabitants of the Holy Land. This is not only about 'Coffin' Anan's habitual insensitivity to the daily suffering of the Palestinians. Rather, it represents the will of the international community to give license to one people to torment a weaker people in broad day light.

The door man at the State Department knows exactly what's going on in Gaza. At the New York Times and CNN, the mass media mandrians have taken note of every detail and twisted it around to sound like an IDF press release. A President who has been taken captive by the Israeli Lobby and his Armageddon worshiping constituency publicly endorses Israel's 'right' to inflict collective punishment against every defenseless child unfortunate enough to have been born a Palestinian.

Come to Gaza and be a witness to what the 'international community' really looks like. Listen to their dispassionate voices blaming the victims and calling for 'restraint.' Look closely and see the casual gaze in their eyes. Watch the over paid and over fed bureaucrats of the United Nations take a nap while a man made health disaster unfolds in front of their nose. As an act of charity, they are probably making plans to clean up the debris after Olmert's blood lust is satiated.

Take a virtual tour of Gaza and say hello to the child who just woke up screaming because his bedroom window was shattered by the sonic boom of an Israeli jet financed by American tax payers. This tormented land is the perfect place to be introduced to the collective treason of intellectuals and journalists from around the of the planet who, by their silence, have endorsed genocide on an installment plan made to fit Israel's unlimited capacity for inflicting harm on their colonial subjects.

Gaza is the name of an excellent school where you can get first hand experience about what transpired sight unseen in Rwanda, Bosnia and East Timor. Bring your children along so they may develop an appetite to indulge in a feast of indifference. Tell Tony Blair to stop for a chat with the natives before he takes his annual vacation at Sharm El Sheik. Have him invite Bush and Rice along for the ride so they can get a private screening of their fantasy production of the first scene of Armageddon.

And who would want to exclude the foot soldiers of the Israeli Lobby from this little adventure. Dress them up in IDF uniforms so they may better enjoy the exhilarating experience of terrorizing Palestinians.

Send an invitation to Mahmoud Abass so he can pucker his lips to practice placing another kiss on Olmert's cheek. Erect front row seats made of gold and invite a Saudi King and a Kuwaiti prince to spend a day in Gaza. Bring along beds studded with diamonds so they can take a nap when they get bored. Tell the Egyptians to bring their protocol manuals so no Arab head of state is offended by the seating arrangements. In deference to their priorities, let them bring along their satellite dishes and televisions so they won't lose track of the World Cup lest they miss the antics of the team from Ghana and fail to take appropriate action.

No Palestinian should have to be polite about this. I can only offer a bit of advice to the long suffering indigenous people of the Holy Land. Put together all your resources and make a concerted effort to publicly humiliate the 'international community' that leaves your people to be ravaged and condones Israel's gluttonous appetite for harming your children. Curse the Arabs and Europeans before appealing for American justice - a phenomenon that rarely manifests itself outside the borders of the United States.

Stage mock burials for 'coffin' Anan and his merry band of servile international civil servants. Hand the keys and deed to Jerusalem to the King of Saudi Arabia. Have him be a custodian of one more holy place. Leave it up to him to use his stash of petro-dollars to save your sacred land from the grubby hands of the Zionist creeps who fancy themselves descendants of the aboriginal people of Palestine. Maybe he can set up communal clinics in Tel Aviv to test Israelis for DNA to disabuse them of their silly notions about their 'historical right' to go claim the Holy Land as the patrimony of their Turko-Slavic Khazar ancestors.

What the world is offering the Palestinians is a deal they are obliged to refuse - even at the point of Israel's murderous war machine. They are being asked to legitimize their own dispossession as the price of living unmolested on a few isolated patches of their ancestral land. These fenced in areas do not even qualify as Bantustans because they are infinitely tinier than anything ever imagined by the old Apartheid regime in South Africa.

In response to their 'bad voting habits', the Palestinians are being publicly punished and humiliated for daring to vote for the 'wrong representatives.' Right wing Israelis can vote for 'spiritually correct' extremist Jewish parties and insist on a 'Jewish State' - even though only eighty per cent of the population behind the Green Line is Jewish. But the Palestinians who - due to the emigration of the native Christian population - are mostly a Muslim population are being starved for voting for right wing Islamic parties.

The collective punishment against the people of Gaza would be impossible in the absence of the collective cruelty of an international community represented by self-indulgent bureaucrats endowed with the hearts of lizards and the spines of snakes.

I wake up every morning and thank God I am not a Palestinian. These descendents of the ancients who gave us the Abrahamic liturgy that still enthralls the hearts of half the human race are being crucified because of a weird cult of Zionist ideologues who are delusional enough about their fictional ancestry to lay claim Palestinian land and Palestinian prophets. What's going on in Gaza is much more than a display of another unapologetic and murderous Israeli temper tantrum. It's about a world infected with an acute case of collective indifference. Watching Israel and America gang up on a small eastern Mediterranean people proves that we still live in a jungle where the biggest and meanest animals are free to feast on the weak. One can only hope that there is a special place in hell to reward the cruelty of the 'international community.'

Ahmed Amr is the editor of NileMedia.com

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