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May 08, 2002
The File on Ariel Sharon

By Ahmed Amr.


Imagine if the Saudis and Jordanians had gone to meet George Bush with only one item on their agenda, the files on Ariel Sharon's war crimes. It would have been easy enough to put together. Just enter 'Qibya' as a search item on Google.com. The suprise is that you only get 1820 articles on Sharon's vicious murder spree at Qibya in 1953. Or maybe they could have done a search on Sabra and Shatila and come up with 15,000 articles, many containing details of Sharon's role in the slaughter of thousands of Palestinian civilians in 1982. Better yet, a search on Jenin which turns up 78,000 articles. To sort out all the charges against Sharon, the State Department would have to lease some major office space and hire a few dozen lawyers.

Sharon came to Washington to dodge the inevitable and refused to discuss his still secret 'plan for peace'. His 91 page report on the 'terror infrastructure' of the Palestinians and the Saudis is probably all fabricated. I wouldn't trust that fat slob as far as I could throw him. In any case, I can with a proper high speed printer and a dedicated staff of five temps print out over 91 thousand pages to document Sharon's 40 year criminal war history.

Of course, the Saudis and Jordanians did not show up at the White House with a Ryder truck full of articles and testimonies detailing Sharon's past. Because they wanted to look forward to what should be done next. Sharon knows what he wants to do next. He will annex land, deport native Palestinians and proceed with his settlement policies.

Sharon is only capable of waging war. This thug delights in making life miserable for the Palestinians.

So, after the State Department is done investigating Sharon's 91 page report, they should have plenty of time to investigate Sharon's past. If they need any instructions on the proper use of a search engine, tutors are available for the five minute morning session and a 15 minute intensive training session.

CNN cut all broadcasting tonight so that Aren Brown can give a platform to Ariel Sharon. They don't do that for Presidents and Bush knows it. As long as Sharon is in power, the Palestinians do not have a peace partner.

Check out a few of the following link to get a better understanding of Sharon.

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