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March 08, 2002
Washington Post attempts to derail Saudi Peace Initiative

By Ahmed Amr.


This week, Sharon's thugs wasted the lives of 111 Palestinians. That is almost twice the number of Palestinians that Sharon murdered at Qibya in 1953. And who can forget or forgive the architect of the three day slaughter at Sabra and Shatila. Sharon spent the last week adding new war crimes to his long rap sheet. Word is that Israeli military commanders are asking Sharon for written orders in advance of committing additional war crimes. For the historical record, one of the big chearleaders for this latest wave of violence is Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post. This mentally warped vicious bigot is considered a star at Graham's animal farm. May they both toast in hell for being party to the continued repression of the Palestinian people.

I have been closely monitoring the Washington Post and have noted how Krauthammer has consistently taken positions to the extreme right of Ariel Sharon. Krauthammer has spent the last week viciously attacking the Saudi peace initiative and urging Sharon to be more violent. At the Washington Post, when they identify a right wing racist thug, they promote him to the editorial pages. Of course, Krauthammer's work appears in Newsweek which is also owned by Donald Graham, the publisher of the Post. Krauthammer also writes for Time Magazine, a subsidiary of AOL/Times Warner/ CNN. Can you imagine that this vulgar ignorant Netenyahu Likudnik gets a warm reception in America's two largest weeklys. And Graham and Levine will not tolerate any response to this fire breathing bigot. What follows is a random walk through a few of Krauthammer's articles.

Krauthammer constantly advises Israelis to intensify their repression. This quote is form an article published prior to 911 (The Only Way Out, 8/15/01). "There is only one way this war will stop. The scenario would go like this: A lightning and massive Israeli attack on every element of Arafat's police state infrastructure -- the headquarters and commanders of his eight(!) security services, his police stations, weapons depots, training camps, communications and propaganda facilities (radio, TV, government-controlled newspapers)". In the same article he called for a policy to 'strike and expel' Palestinians.

In 'Realities of war 10/27/00', he writes that "Israel's response must be calibrated but powerful: Retake some of the territory--the sparsely inhabited so-called "Area B"--that Israel gave Arafat under the Oslo agreements."

Krauthammer says Israel is not democratic to make a point and then reverses himself to make another point. Krauthammer writes that Israel 'lacks a democratic civic culture and tradition' on 2/23/2001. Then he gave an interview to Canadian Jewish News on 11/1/2001 in which he talked of Israel as a 'kindred democracy with similar problems' to the USA. He has also equated the Palestinians to the Taliban. He consistently compares Israel's thirty-four year brutal occupation to America's struggle against terrorism. Who is buying this crap? Donald Graham, the publisher of the Post and Levine the publisher of Time magazine.

So, does Krauthammer think Israel is a democracy or not? It all depends on his public relations assignment for the day.

Krauthammer worked hard to derail the Barak government, in favor of his political faction, the Netenyahu Likudniks. here is a sample 'what is important to understand about the election, however, is that this was a rejection not just of Barak, but of his chimerical "peace process." Remember: Barak was going to bring his peace treaty to a referendum. Well, he never got a treaty. But everyone knows the positions he offered and the concessions he made. That was the issue in this election. That is why he lost by an astounding 25 points. Yet even that underestimates the depth of revulsion for the phony peace he kept claiming was just around the corner. Barak was so afraid of an up or down vote on his peace policies that he contrived a quasi-referendum that would pit him against Ariel Sharon, a man who is anathema to enormous numbers of Israelis.

These days, Krauthammer never stops writing about Barak's 'generous' offer.

Yet in an article titled "Middle East Madness' Post (1/12/01), he writes: "President Clinton and Prime Minister Ehud Barak are leaving the Middle East closer to a violent explosion than at any point in 30 years. Iraq has moved an armored division westward to be ready to join a general Arab war against Israel. Iran has threatened Israel with an "astonishing and unexpected" response (implying a chemical or biological missile attack) should Israel retaliate against Lebanese guerrillas who have been launching raids into Israel (this after Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon). On Jan. 1, Barak himself advised the Israeli army to begin making preparations for a major war."

He goes on to state: "the first order of business for the Bush administration should be to declare itself not bound by these desperate eleventh-hour measures and to fire the entire "peace team" -- Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller and Martin Indyk -- that has brought American standing in the Middle East so low." Even an entirely Yiddish "peace team" was not enough for Krauthammer. Martin Indyk is an Israeli lobbyist who was the head of AIPAC. But, when it comes to tormenting Palestinians, the Washington Post likes to be more holy than the pope; more vicious than Sharon; more radical than Shamir.

Krauthammer Lies a lot and claims there is no Israeli occupation. This is, as the Palestinians openly call it, a war for Jerusalem. Not, as the world press has reported endlessly and fatuously, an expression of Palestinian "frustration." Frustration with what? Israeli occupation? It ended years ago; 99 percent of Palestinians live under the rule of Yasser Arafat. Over territory? Barak has conceded virtually the entire West Bank. Over political subordination? Barak offered full recognition of the first independent Palestinian state in history. (POST 10/09/00)

Of course, Barak offered no such thing. Clinton had some proposals that are not yet clear. During the Oslo 'peace process', the number of right wing fanatic Jewish settlers doubled. And Krauthammer himself noted that what little Barak offered was rejected by the Israeli electorate when they gave the job of Prime Minister to Ariel Sharon, a serial mass murderer.

Krauthammer hates any talk of peace plans.
Krauthammer dismisses the Saudi Peace initiative as a PR campaign (Saudi Peace Sham, POST, 3/6/2002). "The audacity of this maneuver is breathtaking. But why not? It is working. The New York Times bought the Saudi peace plan (last Sunday alone, lavishing two feature stories and nearly a dozen photographs over five pages). The Europeans bought it. The diplomatic-media complex bought it. All that stands in the way of pulling this off is for the Bush administration to buy it.Thus far and to its credit, the administration has not. But the pressure to cave, already applied by the visiting Mubarak, is growing. It must be resisted. This phony plan will do nothing but relieve the pressure on Arafat to stop the war."

Krauthammer is not interested in peace. Neither are the publishers at the Washington Post and AOL/Time Warner/CNN. He wants native Palestinian real estate for his fanatic Yiddish supremacist brethren. He belongs to the right wing of the Likud with mayor Olmert and Netenyahu and makes common cause with Elon, the extreme right wing tourist minister who never misses an opportunity to call for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. On the pages of the Washington Post, a major syndicated columnist can champion war crimes and war criminals, as long as they are Israelis. If the Washington Post treated Sharon like they exposed Senator Kerrey, one might mistake them for an American paper instead of another ethnic Yiddish rag full of wannabe war criminals.

Krauthammer is worth watching because his Likud faction is very strong in the Bush administration. The author of the 'axis of evil', David Frum is one of them. For good reasons, he is now Bush's ex-speech writer. Frum boasted a little too loudly amongst his neo-conservative clique about his three word foreign policy. Lewis Libby who is Chenny's chief of staff, and the ex-lawyer for Mark Rich of Clinton pardon fame, is another Krauthammerite. Add into the mix the Publisher of the Washington Post, Donald Graham, Walter Isaccson of CNN and Sulzberger of the New York Times. Sulzberger's stand-in for Krauthammer is William Safire. Both these papers and CNN should be considered parties to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and their publishers should be held personally responsible for the continued brutality inflicted by the Israeli occupation forces. Donald Graham knows exactly what he is doing and he will need to answer why his paper has aligned itself with a foreign state ruled by a thug and a war criminal.

The Washington Post is a bastion of 'American' journalists who advocate for the continued repression of the Palestinian people. They are as vile as any common street thugs. When the Palestinians get their liberty, they would do well to create a task force to investigate how the Yiddish dominated media was so warped that they championed the most vicious right wing elements in Israel. It is truly an extraordinary chapter in both Palestinian and American history. Both people need to get a well documented account of every Yiddish supremacist that was involved in acting as public relations officers for a notorious war criminal like Sharon.

Want more dirt on the Washington Post: www.nilemedia.com/Columnists/Ahmed/2001/August/The_expulsionists.html

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