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March 12, 2002
Want to help NileMedia?

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia reader: For reasons that are entirely too obvious, a number of parties of the Yiddish supremacist persuasion have gone to great lengths to limit the distribution of NileMedia's work. They have called our advertisers and Yahoo no longer selects our articles for republication. As you know we depend on our readers to do a little marketing for us. We appreciate all the supportive emails and all the folks who send us materials for publication.

These are critical times and NileMedia urges you to help get our message out to America and the world. Our growth is dependent on you. Be aware that any 'NileMedia' article by our staff can be freely republished in print or on the web. Through your efforts, our work has managed to already reach people across the world, but especially here in America.

The mass media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict amounts to criminal endorsement of Israeli repression. This is an easy conflict to understand. The experts that are paraded before you on nightly TV are there with a mission to confuse and complicate the subject. What we try to do at NileMedia is identify the individual journalists, pundits and publishers who are militant advocates for the demented Likudniks. We have done our research and we have a strategy to muscle our way into the mainstream by exposing fraudulent journalism, which by our estimation amounts to consumer fraud in America and murder and mayhem in Palestine.

We must emphasize that certain media titans, largely because of their ethnicity, have seen fit to lie and cover up for Israeli war criminals. Our mission is to let them know that we will watch and tabulate every canard they publish. Their reputation is on the line. A lying journalist will be called a lying journalist. A publisher who coddles a war criminal will have that distinction at the top of his resume. We will take on the task of defining who Sulzberger and Friedman and Safire are. We want to assure that our materials become part of their legacy. So that their children may know the corruption of their fathers. Our mission will be to publicly identify veracity challenged journalists. We hired them to investigate and report the truth and they chose to poison our minds. Time to get even by getting enlightened.

The mass media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict proves that our media lords can tell us horrible lies and do it for extended periods of time and get away with it. The new story is that they will have to cope with the fact that the marginal cost of republishing an old web article is zero.

So, we recommend you take a stroll through some of our recent work. Email some of our exposes to your friends. Help us grow and teach these low breed mega media 'journalists' an internet lesson they will not forget.

Alternative journalism on the Web is a powerful tool to protect the world against the mega media corporations, which constitute a political force that makes presidents elevate Yiddish ethnic agendas to national security agendas. The real power of the Israeli Lobby is in its media holding companies. It is a power that corrupts our elected officials and diminshes the one man one vote franchise.

So, lets roll. America can no longer afford the power of this Lobby. Time to loudly tell the Yiddish supremacists to behave in a manner consistent with American values and American interests. It is a debate that must take place. The voices of America should represent the views of all our people, not just the views of the tiny tribe of Jewish pundits who pose as 'Americans' but are in fact more loyal to the state of Israel. Even to the point of aligning with a notorious war criminal.

Help us out. And lets see how long it will take to get their serious attention.

Warm Regards to all our readers.

Ahmed Amr

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