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March 16, 2002
Sharon's Willing Media Collaborators

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia reader: The following article is a NileMedia blast from the past. We thought it is worth republishing considering that the New York Times, having exhausted its war options, is now reconsidering a 'peace process' to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thomas Friedman has been appointed chief negotiator for the Sulzberger clan. We have files on Friedman and we suggest that the Palestinians take them to the negotiating table to confront Sulzberger on his past performance. What is needed as proof of good faith, is a full confession by Sulzberger of his clan's historic role in defaming the Palestinians and collaborating with every Israeli government since Ben Gurion. It would also help if Sulzberger outed Sharon as a war criminal and demanded that he resign and take a one way trip to the Hague. The alternative for Sulzberger is to witness a continuing erosion of his reputation for operating a responsible ethnic American publishing company. As things stand, it is a totally undeserved reputation. The tainted archives at the Times are an accessible resource that would make Andersen and Enron executives blush. Sulzberger's company will be increasingly subjected to more precise audits of its journalistic accounts. This is not good news for a company that has published enough canards to fill a hole the size of the Grand Canyon.

So here again is "Sharon's Willing Media Collaborators".

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