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March 09, 2002
Don't turn your eyes away

By Ahmed Amr.


I know many folks who know exactly what Sharon and his thugs are doing to the Palestinians. But they don't want to know the details. It can be too much to bear.

Sharon is an easy read. He is a vicious thug with an ugly appetite for killing Palestinians. If America is looking for a nuclear armed terrorist, they can find him in the Prime Minister's office in Tel Aviv.

Bombing Gaza, Tul Karam and Bethlehem with missiles is like bombing Manhattan. Gaza is as densely populated as Hong Kong. Sharon has made his intentions clear. He will kill as many Palestinians as possible as quickly as possible. At this point, the killing is about Sharon's blood lust. He knows by now that the Palestinians will not submit to his escalating brutality. His only certain support now comes from his Yiddish supremacist media pals in America and the extreme right in Israel.

The big question hanging in the air concerns George Bush. Does he give a damn or doesn't he? I have no expectations that George would give up so much as tear for the Palestinians. He has made plain his indifference to their plight. Bush still refers to Sharon, a serial mass murderer, as 'his friend.'

Let us not expect too much of George Bush. He will continue to be indifferent to the slaughter of Palestinians with American arms, by the hands of a land thieving arsonist and his criminal goon squads. But if Bush is still playing the ratings game with innocent Palestinian blood, he had better wake up and look around the Middle East. Because the level of rage is something that will certainly bode ill for American interests in the region. He either understands that or he understands nothing. This president has been given all too much adulation by an America and a world that badly needed a sense of security after the terrorist assaults of 911. It is now time for him to do a little bit of real work. He can start by reading up on the criminal record of his pal, Ariel Sharon. Perhaps an American president should be more careful about his choice of friends. A pal like Sharon comes with many enemies. America does not need any additional enmity and Bush should know that.

So, for those of you inclined to turn your head away and skip the details. Remember 911. After six months, it is time to ask Bush to set up an independent commission of respected American and European allies to investigate the foreign policy blunders that have already cost us so dearly. American politicians need to look beyond national campaigns and make certain that they are not waged at the expense of national security. Something is rotten in the way we formulate our foriegn policy to appease an ethnic minority that dominates our mass media and nominates our governors. We do not have time to fix that now. But Bush can make a giant leap by dismissing their advice and inviting them to show a little loyalty to America and the rest of the world. If you are not blunt with the Israel Firsters, they pretend to have hearing problems.

George Bush has an 80% approval rating. What is he looking for? If he cannot properly preside over American national interests with this kind of public support, maybe he should call early elections. Because Enron Chenney will not do.

So, don't turn your eyes away. Watch carefully for a couple of weeks. Ponder Bush's motivations. Don't worry about hurting the feelings of some Yiddish supremacist journalist or publisher working in the service of Ariel Sharon. They deserve to have their feelings hurt. Ask yourself why America is so admantly against the liberation of the Palestinian people? Ask why our politicians have not bothered to answer the most basic questions about 911? Why have they not even bothered to ask them?

Bush needs to ask the CIA to re-examine their findings on the nineteen terrorists who attacked the WTC and the Pentagon. And he needs to ask his profilers how old they were when his father gave the green light to Sharon to invade Lebanon in 1982. Maybe he should ask his father about how old they were when he launched the Gulf War or when he encouraged the Iraqi assault on Iran. No one needs any public confessions from Bush senior. We just need a father to son tutorial and an honest answer to a few simple questions. Did the United States government, under the Bush senior and Clinton's administrations, blunder in under estimating the potential blow back from our repeated green lights to Israel? Did 911 have anything to do with our military bases in Saudi Arabia? What were the alternatives to having bases in Saudi Arabia and why were they not properly considered? Why has the American government been indifferent to the massive loss of civilian lives in Iraq? Why does Canada not have these problems? Is there a way to insulate our Middle East policies from the influence of the Israeli Lobby and the Yiddish supremacist pundits? Was the State Department sold to the Yiddish supremacists by the Clinton/Gore team? Is it possible for an American president to publicly discuss the role of the Israeli Lobby so that its criminal influence can be diminished? If Arab-Americans are disgusted with our pro-Israeli policies in the Middle East, how can we possibly hope to market them to the region by 'public diplomacy' or any other kind of diplomacy? Or is war the only possible answer from a burning Bush?

Don't turn your eyes away. Take a good look at this Bush. We don't need experts to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We need a president with the will to take on the Yiddish supremacists and tell them their Israel First fest is permanently canceled. We don't expect Bush to get teary eyed about the slaughter of the Palestinians. We just need him to properly calculate the costs to America of giving green lights to a thug like Sharon.

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