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March 31, 2002
Don't Plagiarize The Weekly Standard
You'll just get the facts screwed up

By Ahmed Amr.


"Ben-Eliezer, emerging from his meeting with Cheney, had boasted to waiting Israeli journalists, "Dick hates Arafat more than we do," then had proceeded to quote "Dick" as saying, "You can hang that son-of-bitch for all I care." These quotes were from an article by Tom Rose, The Publisher of the Jerusalem Post, a Yiddish Supremacist propaganda machine owned and operated by Conrad Black. Under his stewardship, it has veered into a political organ beholden to the expultionist ideology of the Netenyahu Likudniks and other Israeli extremists. If you want to visit the workshop of Israeli propaganda, this daily carries enough substandard crap all being 'tested' for later distribution to American mainstream channels. This publication is dedicated to a 24/7 defamation campaign in service to the Israeli generals. Most of its stars write in bold Brooklynese and have the zealotry unique to right wing politically motivated immigrants. This particular Tom Rose article was recently featured in The Weekly Standard.

Aside from recycling Conrad's Jerusalem trash, the Weekly Standard produces its very own dung. After the recent Arab conference, Instead of blaming Sharon for diminishing the Prospects of Beirut by preventing Arafat's attendance, they claim that 'Hosni Mubarak's Egypt, in particular, has determined that a real peace process would diminish Egypt's position in the Arab world'. (Forget the Arab Street by Reuel Marc Gerecht of the American Enterprise Institute). That kind of disinformation takes an imagination that can only come from blind loyalty to the butcher of Qibya and Sabra and Shatila.

At the Weekly, any improvement in America's relations with the Arab world is viewed with Alarm. "Cheney was pleased to report that his dinner conversation with Crown Prince Abdullah was "one of the warmest sessions I have ever had, frankly, in Saudi Arabia." That's too bad. (Cheney Trips Up. By Robert Kagan and William Kristol.

Next we have the moronic Fred Barnes, the Editor of the Weekly standard with this 'insight' : "On September 11, the terrorists did far more than just destroy two buildings. They declared war, on behalf of radical Islam, on our democracy, our culture, our religious tolerance, our economic success, our attempt to play an active, benign role in the world, our civilization." Barnes always reminds me of another Fred, the Flinstone Fred. This retard always seems to want to live up to his reputation as an ignorant Neanderthal intellectual wimp.

David Gelernter, a contributing editor to The Weekly Standard wrote a whole article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that completely ignored the brutality of the Israeli occupation and instead ascribed Palestinian violence to their "Islamic barbarism".

Can you imagine a publisher who would go out of his way to concentrate this amount of trash and try to pass it off as 'standard' journalism. It should be noted here that Barnes took a lot of credit for disgracing Historian Stephen Ambrose and accusing him of plagiarizing sections of his new book about World War II bomber pilots, The Wild Blue. What is worst? a historian who repeats another historian's true words. Is it not an infinitely greater crime for a cheap propagandist like Barnes to deliberately use the pages of the Weekly Standard to deceive his readers about the brutal conduct of Israeli troops led by his war criminal pal, Sharon. Is there not something treasonous in aligning with a foreign war criminal against American national interests?

At the Weekly Standard, Barnes has a green light from Murdoch, to nurture and develop a culture of disdain that can be marketed to the jingoistic crowd. Murdoch wants a reputation as the great white hope, come to save America from its dreadful multi-cultural reality. No fool as a marketing man, he has deliberately carved out a niche market for the most strident of America's bigots and yahoos. And he hires the 'right' journalists willing to get on with the task of creating a 'hate' cable network backed by the hacks at the Weekly Standard, the New York Post and the other tabloids he happens to own.

So, if you plan to plagiarize, don't do it off the pages of the Weekly Standard. You will add to your sins by getting your facts all wrong.

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