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March 31, 2002
Amanpour's journalism and CNN's 'technical' problems

By Ahmed Amr.


On March 29th, 2002, CNN pleaded with its viewers to hang on for a live interview with Chairman Arafat, whose compound in Ramallah was surrounded by Israeli tanks. He used the opportunity to plead for his people's liberty and freedom. But Amanpour, having secured the interview, would have none of that. She had the audacity to try to do her little miss Israeli propaganda gig. Ever since she married into the Israeli Lobby, her journalism has taken a dive to the sewer. So, as Arafat faced an Israeli execution squad under the command of a notorious Israeli war criminal, Amanpour asked Arafat to 'rein in the violence'. It was an absurd question which flew in the face of everything Amanpour saw with her lying eyes. Here was Arafat, after Sharon had deliberately destroyed all his instruments of governance, being asked why he couldn't control three million angry Palestinians. Even as his very life was being threatened by Israeli thugs. So, Arafat let Amanpour have it. He questioned why she didn't respect her profession. So the whore of a Yiddish supremacist pimp repeated her stupid question. And Arafat, in his halting English responded by correctly accusing her of covering up for Ariel Sharon's goons. He again asked Rubin's bitch why she "makes these certain mistakes".

At this point, the slut says 'Bye, Bye' and pulls the plug on the interview. And CNN reports that they have 'technical' problems. Yes, indeed. They don't have anyone who technically qualifies as a real journalist. These CNN Yiddish supremacist thugs, every bit as devious and infinitely more murderous than the KKK ever was, have supported the repression of the Palestinians since the day they were founded by Ted Turner. This organization has to be considered a racist defamatory organ of the Israeli Lobby. A year ago, we reported of their secret, behind the doors coordination of coverage with the Israeli army. They called NileMedia and protested it just wasn't so. Well, deny this.

We have contacted their whore quarters in Atlanta to see if they can defend the behaviour of Amanpour. So far, they have not offered an explanation of the nature of their 'technical problem'. CNN boasts 4000 'journalists', which makes one wonder why Amanpour "makes these certain mistakes". The answer is that they do it deliberately in service to Ariel Sharon the butcher of Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. They rooted for his election with the intent of squeezing a few more crimes out of the old mass murderer and his Likudnik cronies. Of course, standing behind Amanpour is Walter Isaccson and Gerry Levine.

Here is the Amanpour/Arafat exchange before CNN pulled the plug for 'technical' problems. If it was a technical problem, why did Amanpour say "Bye Bye" before pulling the plug. CNN is a cover up operation for the Israeli army. They are a news organization dominated by very dangerous ethno-centric Jewish supremacists who are vicious advocates of repression. Any journalist associated with CNN must share the blame for this shody media product. This is not just misinformation. This is colaboration with Ariel Sharon.

AMANPOUR: Secretary of State Colin Powell has spoken to you, I understand. He has also spoken publicly. He called on you to rein in the violence. What do you make of that statement, and can you and will you rein in that violence?
ARAFAT: Are you asking me while I am under complete siege? You are a wonderful journalist. You have to respect your profession.
AMANPOUR: Mr. Arafat, I'm simply asking you a question. Are you able to rein in the violence?
ARAFAT: You have to be accurate when you are speaking with General Yasser Arafat. Be quiet! You are covering, with such questions, the terrorist activities of the Israeli occupation and the Israeli crimes. Be fair. Why do you make these certain mistakes? Thank you. Bye, bye.

As if to prove that their bias is not limited to Rubin's bitch, CNN followed up Amanpour's dismal preformance by covering up the point blank execution of five Palestinians in Ramallah. They simply reported that bodies had been found. The viewer was responsible for seeking out the details concerning shots to the head execution by IDF goons. And to rub salt into the wounds they had Andrea Koppel, Ted Koppel's daughter, a likudnik like her miserable old dad, rooting for Netenyahu. She made an appearance on the 'Capital Gang' with Shields who ended the program by quoting Golda Meir's old propaganda line about "how Israel won't forgive the arabs for letting the IDF kill so many Arab children". Shields, a filthy old bastard without a grain of integrity, needs some new propaganda lines. I can tell him this, many of us will never forgive CNN for acting as a collaborator with Israeli repression. We will hold CNN responsible for every innocent Palestinian life lost to the conflict with Sharon. We will hold every demented brain diseased Likudnik reporter, with Amanpour at the top of the list, accountable for every line of propaganda they produced in service to the Israeli occupation regime. Even when the conflict is over and peace rules the Holy Land, we will make sure that CNN is permanently stuck with a reputation for mayhem, murder and repression. Do not expect any forgivness from this quarter.

Out pitch to CNN viewers is that we can prove that CNN deliberately distorts some very basic realities about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. They have an entrenched ethnic agenda that prevents them from doing any other kind of 'journalism'. We would suggest that their dishonesty is institutional and that they are prefectly capable of distorting almost every other story they report. Considering the fact that they report so little to begin with, it is obvious that with 4000 reporters they spend an inordinate amount of effort working on 'spin'. That is fabricating, omitting and twisting facts. We would also urge CNN viewers to consider if AOL/CNN/TIMEWARNER is not involved in ENRON like scams to inflate the value of their stocks and to consider their role in hyping the stock market bubble that raped the retirement accounts of millions of working Americans.

As a matter of free speech, CNN has quite a bit of leeway to practice unethical journalism. But as news consumers we have a right to notice the shoddy cheap garbage this network has long been associated with. Airing Penatagon tapes for months during the Gulf War, making the whole affair seem like a sanitary video game. Spending years covering the Simpson trial, a few more years covering Lewinsky and a few years on shark attacks and Chandra Levy. Covering up Sharon's war crimes. Backing brutal police state repression against an innocent people. All to divert our attention from real news. Give these guys a kick in the pants, boycott their sponsors, berate them in front of friends and family. It is the duty of every American who loves freedom, liberty and truth to fully expose this network. It cannot be fixed. It needs to fail economically because folks won't stand for this crap, if they knew the half of it. Cancel your cable TV or keep switching providers. When you send them an email, express your disdain and flip them a birdie. If you see one of them on the streets, tell them what you think of them. Don't be shy. These people actually have no problem with tearing down people's homes, torture, collective punishment, murder so long as they can cover it up and act the part of an innocent bystander. Don't let them get away with that crap. An insult is the kindest treatment they deserve.

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