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March 14, 2002
A tale of two murdered journalists

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia Reader: The murder of an Italian journalist by an Israeli soldier went without comment by his American mass media colleagues. After the intensive coverage of the execution of Danny Pearl, one can only guess as to why the Yiddish supremacist media marvels did not consider this a worthy tale. Perhaps because this reporter was killed by an IDF thug and they don't like to tell on their cousins. Perhaps because he was Italian. But most likely, because they supported his execution for daring to bring the story of Israeli repression to the world. This is indeed a tale of two journalists.

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill an Italian Journalist
13 March 2002

Israeli troops opened tank fire today on Palestinian and foreign journalists reporting on the latest Israeli offensive in Ramallah and adjacent refugee camps. Italian freelance journalist Rafaele Ciriello died when he was hit in the chest and abdomen and left bleeding for 30 minutes. Israeli troops refrained from rescuing him and banned ambulances from evacuating him. Palestinians from Kadura refugee camp risked their lives and carried the wounded journalist to the Arab Care Hospital in Ramallah where he passed away. Ciriello was clearly identifiable as a journalist and was carrying cameras at the time of the attack.

Israeli troops also opened fire on 50 Palestinian and foreign reporters on Tuesday 12 March 2002 staying at the City Inn Palace Hotel that overlooks Al Amari refugee camp. No casualties were reported in that incident; however, an ABC camera was destroyed.

The number of journalists killed during the Intifada has risen to four, including Jamal Mansoor, Mohammad Al Bishawi, and Othman Katnani.

LAW strongly condemns the brutal killing of the Italian journalist and reiterates the following:

  1. Israeli troops continue to commit blatant human rights violations against Palestinian and foreign journalists in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including individuals involved in fact finding missions, with the aim of silencing them and terrorizing others. These attacks aim to conceal Israeli war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories;
  2. Israeli troops use firearms against journalists, threatening their lives;
  3. Israeli occupation forces are violating the right to freedom of expression;
  4. Israeli occupation authorities have not taken any action to bring Israeli perpetrators or their superiors to justice;

LAW Society demands the following:

  1. The Israeli government to stop its crimes and collective punishment against Palestinian and foreign journalists;
  2. An immediate investigation into the killing of the Italian journalist and the perpetrators brought to justice;
  3. Compliance with the international standards that protect journalists and allow them to perform their duties freely;
  4. Journalists associations worldwide to act immediately in order to ensure Israel's compliance with international conventions and to immediately halt attacks against journalists reporting in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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