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March 06, 2002
A good answer for Thomas Fraudulent

By Ahmed Amr.


Thomas Fraudulent is back to the job of confusing the American public. A day after Sharon openly declared that "the aim [of the latest Israeli attacks] is to increase the number of losses on the other side. Only after they have been battered will we be able to conduct talks.", Friedman waged his own assault against Arabs and Muslims.

"I raise this point not to make some idiot press critique or engage in cheap Arab-bashing. This is a serious issue. In recent weeks, whenever Arab Muslims told me of their pain at seeing Palestinians brutalized by Israelis on their TV screens every night, I asked back: Why are you so pained about Israelis brutalizing Palestinians, but don't say a word about the brutality with which Saddam Hussein has snuffed out two generations of Iraqis using murder, fear and poison gas? I got no good answers....But the fact is this: If Palestinians had said, "We are going to oppose the Israeli occupation, with nonviolent resistance, as if we had no other options, and we are going to build a Palestinian society, schools and economy, as if we had no occupation" blah blah blah (Thomas Friedman, New York Times, March 6, 2002)

Thomas Friedman (aka Thomas Fraudulent) is always answering his own questions. That is why he gets such lousy answers. Like most Likudnik propagandist, this Yiddish supremacist pundit constantly dodges the real issues in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to cover up for his favorite war criminal, Ariel Sharon. The issue is a humiliating occupation that comes with torture, political assassination, a crippling economic siege, home demolitions, land confiscations, uprooting orchards and a lawless campaign to rub out Palestinian resistance to Israeli criminality. The issue is how Friedman's Yiddish supremacist cult intimidates our political leaders into submission to Israeli agendas, regardless of the cost to America. They raid our treasury, make unneeded enemies for America abroad and make life impossible for Arab Americans. Indeed, it is criminal how these Friedman types are willing to torment fellow Americans of the Islamic faith as part of a defamation campaign orchestrated by the Israeli government.

Here is a good answer to Mr. Fraudulent. Every Arab I know despises Saddam Hussein precisely because he has slaughtered so many Iraqis. There is not a single Arab American I know who does not blame Saddam for the majority of calamities that have befallen the Iraqi people. But they also despise those who saw fit to kill another 500,000 Iraqis through brutal sanctions because it was 'worth it.' They despise the bastards at CNN and the New York Times who marketed the Gulf war as entertainment. Friedman and his gang always have an argument to cheapen the value of an Arab life. How many Arab lives has the New York Times helped to snuff out? How does Thomas feel about that? Thomas should look at his own contributions to the misery of the Palestinian people and live the rest of his life in shame. If he knew what shame was.

This degenerate intellectual midget does nothing but bash Arabs and Muslims. As for his suggestions to the Palestinians to passively resist Israeli brutality. I would urge Thomas Fraudulent to examine the personality of his own people and their warped Yiddish supremacist ideology. They are not exactly Englishmen. As long as they can cover up their crimes with a public relations campaign, they will do what ever they can get away with.

The only Jewish majority country in the world is ruled by an elected war criminal. It is a country that has a nasty habit of electing war criminals who have an agenda of brutalizing the native people of the Holy Land. There is something wrong with a people that consistently commits war crimes and goes on to live the collective lie that they are an innocent party. There is something wrong with an American Jew from Minnesota who idolizes a demented serial war criminal like Ariel Sharon. There is something deeply troubling about a publisher like Sulzberger who puts his media empire at the disposal of a foreign government that is made up of criminal thugs and overt racists who openly call for the transfer and ethnic cleansing of the natives of the Holy Land.

Why is it that every time the subject of Israeli repression comes up, Thomas Fraudulent wants to change the subject? If he is such an expert on the Middle East, why are his figures of 100 million Arabs so dated that they are short 200 million Arabs? Why does he ignore the fact that Christian Palestinians share the same aspirations as their Muslim countrymen? What is the Thomas Friedman take on Christian Palestinian resistance to Israeli military despots? Most Jews like Friedman believe that Christians and Muslims follow a false messiah. Indeed the expulsion of the Palestinians from the Holy Land was based on a test of faith. If you were not Jewish, you were thrown into exile. And that was the Zionist plan from the day it was a glimmer in Herzl's eye. Or maybe Friedman's 'expertise' doesn't extend to the evolution of Yiddish supremacist dogma. Is fanatical Jewish exceptionalism a problem or just my imagination? Doubting Thomas Fraudulent comes easy to those who have a clue about the origins of the Middle East conflict.

Friedman knows what the current Israeli government is after. Sharon wants land. The biggest myth about the Middle East is that the Israelis want peace and the Palestinians want land. The fact is the Palestinians are willing to give up 78% of their country so they can have peace for their families in the remaining 22%. But the land thieving Yiddish supremacists are intent on defrauding the native people of the Holy Land of all their real estate.

The New York Times is double dealing on the Middle East. And their main dealer is Thomas Fraudulent. He goes to the Saudi Arabia and gets the story that crown prince Abdullah is willing to take a bold step in hopes of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israelis rebuff the offer and kill 100 Palestinians to deliver their message of rejection. And Thomas Fraudulent is back explaining why the Arabs and Muslims have a problem with 'rage'. If he had a hint of a clue about Arabs and Muslims, Friedman would know of their infinite patience. This Yiddish supremacist campaign to defame Muslims and Arabs in coordination with Pat Robertson and his ilk does not go unnoticed. We must again communicate to Friedman and Sulzberger that the Arab American community is keeping score on Sharon's racist allies. Our intention will be to make sure that Friedman never escapes his reputation as a dishonest journalist who was willing to cast negative prejudicial aspersions on twenty percent of the human race to serve his masters in Tel Aviv. It is time for these Yiddish supremacist pundits to pay a price for being whores for war criminals.

I am going to make things simple for Thomas Fraudulent and Sulzberger. The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem will come when Jewish extremists in America stop mugging our elected officials to rubber stamp Israeli brutality. A two state solution is not possible with Sharon, because he is a mass murderer who craves violence like an addict craves heroin. Many Americans are starting to grasp how the mass media's domination by Israel Firsters has distorted American foreign policy in the region. Lie as much as you want, but the victims of Yiddish supremacy will pass on the truth to future generations. When more Americans start grasping the truth about the Middle East, it is not Islam they will be wondering about, but Judaism. It is time to explore the tribal cult of Yiddish supremacy which has hijacked this great ancient Palestinian religion.

In the meantime, I must continue to advise well meaning Arab Americans to help unmask the New York Times as a racist organization that is servile to a criminal foreign state. As a vunerable community, we must monitor Sulzberger as one of the most dangerous men in America. Yes, even more dangerous than Murdoch. Because while Murdoch is more blatant in his bigotry, Sulzberger runs a virtual shadow government.

As for the Saudis, Arabs and Muslims. I again recommend that they refuse any dealings with Sulzberger's media empire. The cult at the New York Times is full of a deep abiding rage against the Palestinians. Because, in their original blue prints, the Yiddish supremacists had expected the Palestinians to vanish into the night. It is not comforting for Sulzberger or Friedman to witness the heroic Palestinian resistance to the thugs of the IDF. As a news organization, the Times had expected that after eight decades of Israeli propaganda, they had managed to pull the biggest big lie in the history of journalism. They still continue to cover up Sharon's war crimes at Qibya and Sabra and Shatila.

There are many questions Friedman and Sulzberger will have to answer in the years ahead? How come not a single major Jewish American organization has come out against Israeli brutality? This is not Jewish bashing, I just never get a good answer from Jew or gentile. Why the constant distortions of the news and the historical record in the New York Times? Why do Israelis seem to care only about their image in America? They never seem too concerned about their image in Europe and the Middle East? Why does Sulzberger think he can continue to get away with such sloppy 'Thomas Fraudulent' journalism?

I think American Jews like Friedman are trying to over compensate for not helping their co-religionists escape the Holocaust. The New York Times must have published a few thousand book reviews and articles on the Holocaust. But they never mention Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. Is it possible that by giving Israelis unlimited support, Jews are trying to prevent Hitler from happening. Since it is difficult to tamper with the past, is it not more advisable for Jews to look to the future and start explaining themselves to the Palestinians and to their own children.

Are American Jews well served by the Yiddish supremacists like Thomas Friedman and Sulzberger. I don't think so. Consider the increasing number of Americans who know exactly how the pro-Israeli Lobby acts against the national interest and international peace and justice. Is that the kind of reputation Jews want in America. Isn't it time they started to explain why American Jews are the single largest constituency for repression abroad. Imagine how gentle and humane American would be without the influence of the Israeli Lobby.

Friedman, because of his tribal values, fails to understand the universal brotherhood of man that causes every muslim to feel the sufferings of other people. We feel for those who suffer in Iraq, India, Bosnia and Chechnya as much as we feel for the Palestinians. It is the New York Times that chose not to cover the riots in India, that covered up the genocide in Bosnia as a favor to Clinton, that covers up Chechnya as a favor to Russia, that covers up the murderous sanctions in Iraq. All these favors are rendered in expectations of rewards for Israel.

Do you think Thomas Fraudulent will answer any of these questions? No. He will first forward them to his Likudnik buddies in Israel for review and than pretend that he knows nothing about the war crimes of Ariel Sharon. The New York Times is a scam; it is journalism motivated by a vicious ethnic agenda that would warp the average American Mind. Imagine that even American Presidents go around pretending that there is no Yiddish supremacist shoke hold on our national press. What a farce. Nixon was right on some things. He should have had the courage to talk about the New York Times and the Washington Post and asked the American people to help diminish their power. Other Presidents have also declined to tangle with these unethical bastards.

The Israeli/Palestinian problem cannot be properly debated on the pages of the New York Times because Sulzberger is a mind control freak. He knows that he has a serious problem in his archives, full of lies, distortions, racist incitement, Jewish bigotry and a lot of threats that were taken seriously by Presidents and Senators. His main customer base is New York Jews who fancy themselves liberals but are probably the most bigoted repressive white folk in America. Great American journalism can be realized only after the New York Times is properly diminished to its natural size as lower east side ethnic rag.

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