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January 08, 2002
Explaining Yiddish Supremacy

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia Reader: We have been getting quite a bit of mail regarding our constant references to 'Yiddish supremacists'. It is a term we coined at NileMedia to more accurately and easily identify a powerful American political movement that aligns its political agenda with Israeli governments. Being a 'Yiddish Supremacist' requires a certain state of mind. While most Yiddish Supremacists are Jewish, not all Jews are Yiddish Supremacist. For decades, Palestinians and their supporters have labored to distinguish between Zionist racists and individuals who simply happen to worship God in a manner consistent with the Jewish creed.

I also refer to Yiddish Supremacist because they immediately recognize who they are. If I was more accurate and identified them as Ashkenazi Supremacists, the average reader would miss the point. The group I mean to identify are the Eastern European Jews from the Pale, who ended up being the elite in Israel and in the American Jewish community. Both groups exhibit strong racist tendencies, especially in regards to Arabs. I don't like to refer to them as Zionists, because that movement has been politically sanitized by a powerful media campaign led by the militant Yiddish supremacists at The New York Times.

I personally have nothing against how any single individual chooses to worship or not worship a higher deity. The intent of my writing is not to convert anybody. Rather, I want to clarify a few things for the type of losers who worship Ariel Sharon. Their advocacy of repression does not go unnoticed. The historical descendants of the ancient people of the Holy Land, including the Hebrew tribes, are Palestinians who now practice the Christian and Muslim faith. The Yiddish are Eastern European Slavs delusional enough to attribute their lineage to the Eastern Mediterranean. A little DNA testing would clear up their minds and make them reconsider their 'Supremacy' as a 'chosen' people. Once they get over their bizarre mythologies, they will discover that they are just another northern European Slavic Klan who happen to follow one school of Palestinian religious traditions, a pre-Christian tribal faith that had a creator quite different from the Universal God. The universal message preached by a Palestinian named Jesus Christ clashed with earlier Abrahamic Palestinian religious traditions. And the rest of the story is Western history. In any case, I personally wouldn't care if Ariel Sharon and his thugs were followers of the Druid tradition. Many of Israel's founders were confirmed atheists who thought that Orthodox Jews were anti-modern embarrassments to the revolutionary Zionist movement and its race based elitist theories.

It would be easy enough to revert to the standard accepted description of these folks as Zionist racists. But an old Baptist friend of mine convinced me that this particular label required an explanation of what a 'Zionist' was. You were than obliged to explain Herzel and Ben Gurion and Balfour and their criminal agenda to exile the native people of the Holy Land to make room for an Israeli State as 'Jewish as England is English'. This wise Baptist buddy also pointed out that the word 'Zion' has a sweet sound to the ear of many decent God fearing Christians. He reminded me that on any Sunday, thousands of Southerners, black and white, worshiped in congregations with lofty names like 'The First Zion Church of Tallahassee,' And they could well be singing a lovely melody about wishing they were 'down by the River Jordan, in old Zion,' You tell folks like that you are anti-Zionist and they think you are some kind of devil worshiper.

But just mention the 'chutzpah of the Yiddish supremacists' and their domination of the American mass media to any matron in Des Moines, Iowa. You get an immediate recognition that does not require any additional words of explanation. No doubt, many folks who are both 'Yiddish' in origin and 'Euro-centric Supremacists' in their world outlook deeply take offense to being called Yiddish Supremacists. I can only respond that I take even greater offense that they have freely elected to be Yiddish Supremacists. There is, after all, a cure for these intellectually warped delusional social misfits. But it is a cure that involves self-examination and self-healing.

It should come as no comfort to these bigots that I have no problem hurting their feelings. They have shown little regard for the welfare of others outside their mystical political tribe. Why would I want a Yiddish Supremacist to be comfortable practicing a political creed that has led to unfathomable suffering to the ancient people of the Holy Land? Perhaps, to a certain degree, the Palestinians are at fault for exporting the work of their ancient sages while it was still in its most primitive 'tribal' stages. Now these Yiddish supremacists show up claiming every patch of Palestinian soil on the strength of a couple of verses written by some ancient Palestinian prophet who meant no harm to his own precious people.

Even so, have I got a great deal for Yiddish supremacists. And I can get them a better deal wholesale. They can continue being Yiddish if they would just drop practicing the 'supreme' part of their creed. They currently have some misplaced concerns about what others choose to call them. They should be infinitely more concerned about the historical behavior that warrants the label. If they don't want to be called Yiddish supremacists they can very easily change their manners, apologize for past behavior, compensate their victims and ask for forgiveness. To demonstrate their change of heart, they can begin by throwing some chains around Sharon and hauling him down to the Hague to stand trial for mass murder at Qibya and Sabra and Shatila.