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January 12, 2002
Bigot Of The Year Award Goes To Chris Mathews

By Ahmed Amr.


The NileMedia Bigot of the Year Award is given to permanently dishonor the individual who we think is the vilest hate-monger in the United States. Naturally, many candidates qualify for this title. This year we considered awarding it to a number of candidates, including Charles Krauthammer, Daniel Pipes, Wolf Blitzer, Aaron Brown and Bill Maher. But after much consideration, we decided that no one deserves it more than Chris Mathews of MSNBC. He is the loudest imbecile among this year's crop of candidates and he works for the two largest corporations in the world MicroSoft and General Electric, which owns NBC. So, we trust he will share his award with his paymasters. We will be sure to advise them of his rank as this year's dean of bigots.

Mathews is the spiritual and intellectual reincarnation of Father Charles Coughlin, the right-wing Catholic priest who used radio to spread his political poison in the 1930s. Million of Americans listened to his racist weekly broadcasts until the government shut him down for sedition. He was particularly big among working-class Irish Catholics. On any given night, Chris Mathews a loudmouth bigot, in the fashion of Coughlin, belts out his racist message to cable audience. All, in a vain attempt to take America back to the darkest chapters of its past. To take us back to Father Coughlin. Many unsuspecting viewers still consider him just an entertainer who got big on the skirts of the Simpson trials. He is generally considered a harmless fool, a loud circus barker, who just came back from an extensive tenure covering Chandra Levy and Lewinsky.

Consider just one single 'Hardball' show, his Friday show on the 11th of January. Our executive committee, made its decision after watching a tape of this moron further debasing the culture of modern American journalism. In a chat with his old chum, Pinkas, the Israeli Consul, he gifts him a question regarding the Palestinian and 'their terrorist leaders' . With a sly smile, Pinkas accepts the gift, and goes into a rant about how the Palestinians escalate and all the israelis do is retaliate. "we gotta do what we gotta do" he says. And Mathews just nods his head and agrees.

In the same show, Mathews let loose with one of his standard hate-mongering rants. He tells his viewers not to switch their dials because the next segment would explain 'why mosques around the United States are preaching an Anti-American message'. During that particular segment he accused the Saudi Arabian government of exporting 'radical islam' and 'Anti-Western' hate to the United States. He invited a couple of his racist cronies and set them up with questions like "what do the Saudis aspire to in terms of hate to the United States'. That was not a typo. That is the way a bigot raised in Philadelphia talks. And, believe me, Philadelphia has a way of breeding bigots like no other city in the North East. It is a strange city with a xenophobe 'blue blood' elite that despise minorities. The 'city of brotherly love' has a way of turning out creeps like Chris Mathews. You can take a boy like that to Chevy Chase, but you can't take the native bigotry out of the boy.

During this very same show, Mathews described the Yemeni government as "ferocious haters of Israel". He said 'they (muslims) are double-dealing us. they are teaching their kids to hate us".

He asked one of his guests to mull over the notion that "Islam in the world is where Christianity was at the time of the Inquisition." He invites one of his 'experts', Steve Emerson, a bigot by profession, to get in on the act and spread his share of anti-Arab venom. He actually asks him "how many people involved in international terrorism are in the government of Yemen." He wanted to know why the President of Yemen was "spitting in our face" because he dared criticize Israel. He went so far as to suggest that the government in Yemen had collaborated with Al-Qaeda to bomb the Cole. And his proposed solution was to assassinate the leaders of Yemen. "Do we knock them off like the Taliban?". Even a notorious creep like Emerson didn't want to go that far.

Every other word out of his mouth was about 'subversive Saudis' who are participating in a campaign of hate mongering. He suggested to one of his guest Jay Tipper that American Muslims were rooting for the terrorists". and that Islam was "very exotic" and "strange".

To cap things off for the night he invited Mr. Hume Horan to join the hate fest. Horan was very briefly the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia because the Saudi's considered him an anti-Arab racist. And they were quite right, to judge by some of the overt hostility he displays to Arabs and Muslims. Hume suggested that there is no tolerance of other faiths by Muslims. That feeble old man should than explain why so many ancient Middle Eastern Christian communities continue to thrive in Syria and Lebanon and Jordan and Egypt. He might want to explain why the Palestinians have a secular leadership that includes both Muslim and Christian Clerics and a representative of the Samaritans, an ancient pre-Christian group that still abide among the people of Nablus.

Earlier in the week, Mathews had invited two ex-Prime Ministers of Israel to his show, Netenyahu and Barak. He accepted every answer they gave him without challenge and used the occasion to perform his usual slander against the Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims. Any time, Netenyahu or Barak visit the States, they seem to have a license to call Chris for an appointment.

Mathews never takes pause to acknowledge that, even prior to 911, only three Islamic governments out of 56 recognized the Taliban. He never acknowledges that these 'exotic muslims' where the ones who acted as a proxy army for the American military operation in Afghanistan and that Turkey and Jordan were among the first countries to offer to participate in the actual fighting and in maintaining the peace. Or that Pakistan and Uzbekistan immediately coordinated their efforts and supported the American mission, in spite of domestic grumbling. And he seems to ignore the fact that both Bush and Rumsfeld have publicly stated that they are pleased of the assistance and cooperation from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and Pakistan. Neither does he acknowledge the contribution made to the coalition by the Aussies and Kiwis and Europeans. But the most important thing this bigot can't get straight, is that not a single one of the assailants who committed the atrocity on 911 was an American or even a legal resident. Not a single member of the Arab-American community he continually defames has been so much as indicted. Arab-American marines landed in Kandahar with Afgan-American marines. But Mathews insists on guilt by association. When the FBI requested help from the Arab-American community, they had 30,000 calls. The FBI was overwhelmed with the response. While Mathews has been spewing his hateful venom, George Bush, to his credit, has acted as the president of all the people.

I don't believe that a bigot like Mathews can be a patriotic American. He is a white supremacist to the core. Loving America is not just about worshiping the power of its air-force or the skills of Special Forces. It is about caring about other Americans, especially when they are vulnerable. As a community, in these most trying of times, we have been embraced by the common decency of the average American, the unsung heros, our neighbors, our friends and our co-workers. They understand that being patriotic means loving all the people of our country, not just the ones that share their ethnicity. Mathews grew up in a weird time and place and will go to his grave a miserable hater without a kind word for anybody that wouldn't have passed muster with his idol, Father Coughlin. His loyalty is not to his country, but to his pigmentation and his Philadelphean ways.

Simple bigots like Mathews emerge from a deep reservoir of ignorance. He seems to have no idea that the Palestinians are the native people of the holy land and the probable descendants of the ancient Hebrew tribes and the Caninites and Philistines. If he would read a bit of history, he would realize that Palestine was always inhabited. During the first century it evolved as a center of Christian learning and the Palestinians who continue to worship as Christians represent the oldest Christian community in the world. It is a diverse and vibrant community, even under occupation and in exile. Palestinians Muslims and Christians did not only live in harmony before the Israelis showed up to steal their real estate. Even under occupation and in exile, they have never broken ranks. Even during the sectarian civil war in Lebanon, they stuck together like glue.

One of the things Chris mentioned in the show is how he grew up in Philadelphia with Lebanese who were good Americans. But he hastened to add that they were Christians. Later, he mentioned the 'Arab terrorist' who assassinated Bobby Kennedy. That assassin, Sirhan Bishara, was a Christian Palestinian. And Jesus Christ was a Palestinian Christian.

Mathews is a dangerous bigot who badly needs treatment. Intellectually, his knowledge of the world view is at grade school level. I doubt if he has ever read an account of Palestinian history. Basically, he lashes out because this is something that is beyond his grasp. Lets face it, he was an accomplished tabloid journalist chasing stains on the dress until 911. All of a sudden, he was forced to abandon his chosen craft to become a journalist covering world affairs and war and the struggle against Al-Qaeda. All indications are that the transition was a bit much for his limited intellect and the only thing he could do was pollute the airwaves with his venom and hate.

So, in recognition of this vile pile of worm waste, we declare Mathews the NileMedia Bigot Of The Year for 2001. And we wish him a bigot's life. We hope his children grow up to be decent Americans and abandon their father's ways. We hope that his wife runs off with an exotic Tunisian-American who shows her what a real man is like. We wish the wind at his back to be so ferocious that it blows off what is left of his hair. Most of all, we wish that NBC and Microsoft do the right thing and retire him at an early age. We hope that his severance package includes mouth reduction surgery so that he does not disturb other pensioners. We wish that in his old age, he will end up in an old people's home boring his German-Palestinian-American nurse about how he "got the first NileMedia Bigot of the Year Award".