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February 03, 2002
The Banal Ashliegh Banefield of MSNBC

By Ahmed Amr.


There is a famous story about Bill Gates reviewing the work of one of his project managers and being so irate at the quality of the presentation that he started screaming at the guy "are we paying you?". So, it would be hard to believe that the chairman of Microsoft would not care about the quality of journalism that pollutes his cable network MSNBC.com.

Microsoft and General Electric now jointly operate MSNBC.com. The two largest companies in America have an incredible platform to "bring good things" to America's living room every evening. But, instead they have hired tabloid journalists like the ever banal Ashleigh Banfield. What she lacks in professionalism is further diminished by her total lack of class. Like a school girl from Vegas, she makes an incessant fuss about how she has to dress while covering the Middle East.

Standing in front of the Great Ummayad Mosque in Syria, she takes time to read a couple of emails from 'anonymous' parties. Anonymous emails are sort of unusual, which leads to the fair conjecture that the emails were planted by MSNBC employees trying to get in a couple of racist digs at Arabs. So, this clueless brain-dead bigot reads an email about the "Arab Scumbags" she has been covering for a week. Being a major league scumbag journalist, she responds by advising the viewer not to 'shoot the messenger'. My advice to this whore is to restrict herself to writing her dispatches on bathroom walls at the local KKK townhall where her daddy taught her the fine art of being a jingoistic bigot.

She advises her viewers that live cameras are never let into mosques. Really? than what about all the live feeds from the Haj that are beamed around the world every year. From Damascus she contacts Kabul to follow up on her pet story of "Marjan the Lion" and whether he has been replaced. In four months of covering 'A Region in Conflict", that is as close as she ever got to breaking a story.

She reports some nonsense about how muslims believe Jesus will return to live for forty years and than kill all of the Jews on the planet. Where does she get this 'tabloid' nonsense. Her sources are never identified.

It is hard to imagine that a reporter would spend so much time in that region of the world and not even get the terminology straight. But banal Ashleigh is returning to America as ignorant about the Middle East as a senile old goat in Montana.

Why does Bill Gates hire so many bigots? Does he have a fondness for this kind of 'scumbag' journalism? There are thousands of qualified journalists in America who could run circles around the inept Banfield.

Now, you might ask how Ashleigh qualified as an 'international' journalist. Well, she was an evening news anchor in Dallas, Texas. That was her complete resume before MSNBC sent her to cover a whole "Region in Conflict". I tell you this for nothing. This woman knows little and her overt bigotry just gets her confused. She takes 30 minute tours with local guides and then compresses it into a quick three minute digest for MSNBC. It is like watching a show of an acid freak's trip around the world. My advice to Bill Gates is to get this circus monkey home before she does more damage to his franchise.

Every day, I pass by Mary Gates Memorial Blvd. The street was named after that grand lady for the many wonderful works she did with large charities in Seattle, especially with Children's Hospital. The Gates name was a proud Seattle name long before Bill made his first million. But if Bill continues to go astray and produce such despicable banal journalism, it is certain that the Gates name will take a major dive. As a mass media publisher, he is responsible for the work of Ashliegh Banfield. If he sticks by that bigot, the bigotry will no doubt stick to the Gates family name. Many people in Seattle are hoping, against hope, that Bill will act as a responsible citizen and not allow Microsoft branded media products like MSNBC to continue to produce scumbag journalism.