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April 24, 2002
NileMedia on the road

By Ahmed Amr.


Over the last week, our staff has been canvassing the North East, from New York to Washington DC. What we are finding, after talking to hundreds of people, is that the mass media blitz to sanitize Ariel Sharon is not taking. This could be the reason for the multi-million dollar crude pro-Sharon ads that now regularly appear on CNN and FOX.

After covering up Sharon's war crimes at Qibya and Sabra and Shatila, the media wizards are going into overdrive to clean up the evidence of the IDF's latest atrocities in Jenin, Nablus, Bethlehem and Ramallah. The Israeli government is attempting to delay or prevent a fact finding team from the United Nations.

However, members of the European parliament who visited Jenin today called it the scene of a war crime. Every day brings additional evidence to support these findings. Women and children have been murdered in cold blood, some were shot by Israeli snipers enforcing curfews, others were shot after they surrendered. For nine days, injured Palestinians were left to bleed to death, while medical personnel were prevented from reaching them. Hundreds of homes were demolished and bombed, often with the inhabitants inside.

Public records have been maliciously destroyed, including school grades going back four decades. Residents reported Israeli soldiers routinely engaging in looting and vandalism. Public utilities, including water pipes and electricity lines were systematically destroyed. Churches and Mosques, many of them centuries old, were attacked with missiles and defiled with obscenities. The casbah in Nablus is now in ruins. The whole population of the West Bank was terrorized, humiliated, starved and prevented from having access to water.

No wonder, the IDF prevented journalists and TV crews from accessing the sites. This is the kind of filthy work that even Israeli soldiers must do in the dark.

The American TV pundits, callous as ever, have done everything possible to market this Israeli ethnic operations as 'a defensive sweep to root out terrorists'. But, every indication, including the roundup of thousands of young Palestinian men, point to an operation to leave the West Bank uninhabitable. Israeli troops hauled away records from schools and banks and destroyed factories and retail outlets. Palestinian Authority ministries were rendered disfunctional by theft of equipment and destruction of office furniture. IDF soldiers took money and jewlery from individual homes. They tried to bust into bank vaults and took cash from banks. They deprived the population from venturing out in search of food at the risk of being shout by an IDF sniper. Criminal settler elements were allowed to join the fray.

And now Israel claims it is not ready to accept the credentials of the United Nations team sent to sort out the facts. If there is nothing to hide, why hide it from the United Nations.

Even now, CNN and MSNBC and FOX stands by Sharon's version of events. Even now, the American Jewish community is willing to resort to slandering anyone calling for a probe as an 'anti-semite'. Not a single senator has raised his voice calling for an investigation.

Just last week the Dutch government resigned when confronted with a report on the conduct of Dutch troops who surrendered Srebrinicia to the Serbs in 1995. An estimated 7000 unarmed men and boys were slaughtered over the course of the next few days. Is Jenin any different? Did the Palestinians not plead for international protection over a year ago? Did they not deserve it? It will be easy to pin this crime on Sharon, adding to his long list of war crimes against the Palestinians. But this time, America is complicit. Our Senators are complicit, the Bush administration is complicit, the American Jewish community is complicit, our media titans are complicit from Sulzberger, to Graham, to Gerald Levine to Rupert Murdoch.

Many of the self annointed pundits, going against every decent impulse, are lining up behind Sharon. This is a story that needs to be fully documented. So, we are establishing a little list of who said what to champion the war crimes of Ariel Sharon. So, lets get it started, by listing every American who cheered as the Palestinians were being decimated.

We urge our readers to actively participate in putting together this historic document.

President Bush called Sharon 'a man of peace' even as he was still bombing Jenin
Colin Powell called Sharon's brutal invasion 'unhelpful' but gave them plenty of help 'to finish the job'
Senator Lieberman (Loserman) confronted Bush for putting too much pressure on Sharon
William Safire openly boasted about being Sharon's semi-official spokesman. Safire urged 'Sharon to be Sharon'.

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