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April 09, 2002
If Blethen has a shred of honor

By Ahmed Amr.


For all the trouble CNN is going to in an effort to cover up the crimes of Ariel Sharon and his Israeli goon squads, a ton of information is available on the web. We cannot hope to scratch the surface of the news that you will simply not get by depending on American mass media monopolies. As hundreds of Palestinian corpses litter the streets of Jenin and Nablus, as decent burials are being denied, as medical teams are being shot down in cold blood and prevented from assisting the wounded, as missiles are fired into refugee camps, as international journalists are being assaulted, as every home in the West Bank and Gaza is subject to what CNN describes as Israeli 'incursions', the truth will not be buried. Not this time. Unless, of course, you depend on the New York Times or, for that matter, the Seattle Times. Forget about Sulzberger's crew. Take a city like Seattle, at the center of the information revolution and then consider the Seattle Times coverage. Today, their cover had a picture of a funeral for an Israeli soldier and a story to match. And on their editorial pages they only had room for a Charles Krauthammer editorial from the Washington Post. (No one is Seattle is apparently capable of forming an opinion that diverges from the drivel and outright disinformation of a writer who is public about his affiliation to the extreme right wing Netenyahu Likudniks). Another reason, for this disgraceful journalism, is that for all practical purposes, the home of the information revolution is still a one horse town when it comes to choosing a daily paper. Blethen likes to produce a cheap product and would print anything second hand rather than hire a competent editorial staff.

Krauthammer is no ordinary Israel Firster. He is an extremist who advocates the expulsion of the Palestinians. His whole article amounted to extolling the rape and pillaging of the Israeli army. We will be dissecting the Krauthammer article for our readers in our next article. In the meantime, if you are depending on that sorry ossified rag owned by Frank Blethen, you can't begin to have a clue of what is going on. Between his sorry front page and his second hand editorials, Mr Blethen is just another smut peddler who advocates draconian repression abroad. One would assume that his political tastes extend to the homeland. So forget CNN, the Seattle Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post and all the other ethno-centric racist rags that plague our country with deliberate disinformation. Is it any wonder we don't have a clue about the world?

Mindy Cameron, who used to run Blethen's editorial pages, wrote an article about a year ago on the ocassion of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. It was a little confessional about how only a small minority of American journalists and publishers were in favor of the civil rights struggle. We hate to be provincial, but NileMedia happens to share the same city with the Seattle Times. We know Mr Blethen well. He still keeps his foot on the brakes of social progress and his eyes on his pocket. His only national claim to fame is his big time crusade against inheritance taxes. His plea at the time was that 'independent' publishers would be hurt. If Blethen is an independent publisher, what is he doing with a right wing Washington Post beltway bigot like Krauthammer as his only editorial voice on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. On a day when Bush seems to be working up the courage to confront Israel's domestic 'constituency'. Couldn't he at least cultivate his very own domestic right wing sluts in Seattle?

We mention Blethen, a man who should obviously be ignored, only to demonstrate the reach of the Washington Post and The New York Times. Blethen didn't even bother to hire journalists to cover the last national election. So, he won't waste his money on distant far off exotic places where decent people are being murdered in their homes for daring to stand up for their freedom. He is that cheap a publisher. So, he gets his crap second hand from his personal Yiddish supremacist pal, Donald Graham.

Now, notice the deception we are force fed by national media titans like Sulzberger and municipal media tyrants like Blethen. Compare their coverage to a world class paper like the Guardian of England. Better yet, compare it to the PalestineChronicle.com, WhatReallyHappened.com or Counterpunch.com. These three sites publish an incredible amount of detail that the Seattle Times has ready access to. Just read the following article and make up your own mind about the character of Blethen and his 'journalists'. Than ask yourself an easy question; what exactly is the value of the Seattle Times. Withhold your quarter. Wait till Blethen gives it away for free and then use it for your cat litter box. The Seattle Times and a cup of coffee is worth less than a cup of coffee. Incidentally Blethen's garbage explains a lot about MSNBC, a joint Microsoft and General Electric product. Mr Bill Gates is a local boy, raised in Blethen's intellectual orbit. Now that he is a media tycoon, Bill Gates's performance in this vaunted 'information age' demonstrates aptly the intellectual damage that comes of growing up in a one paper town that recycles second hand opinions from the beltway gangs.

NileMedia openly challenges Mr Blethen to account for himself in a public debate on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Name the place Mr Blethen. If you have a shred of decency, if you are a man of honor, defend yourself on these pages or on your pages or, better yet, in a public debate. We publicly challenge you to defend the veracity of the Charles Krauthammer article that polluted your editorial pages on April 8, 2002. (Arafat must pay a price, for terror and duplicity). What price will Krauthammer, Blethen and Graham pay for their duplicity and their obscene disregard for veracity in content.


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