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April 01, 2002
Correcting Thomas Freidman's Lies

By Ahmed Amr.


Once in a while, I like to add to my collection of Friedman's. By now, most of our readers are familiar that poor Thomas has a bad case of Yiddish supremacy, which appears to cause his journalistic lapses. In fact, it is so serious these days, that I pretty much disqualify him as a journalist. Correcting Thomas Friedman's lies gets to be tedious, because he repeats them so often, or you heard the same lie the day before off Sharon's lips. The Friedman whine is pretty predictable, but I do need regular assignements and his garbage is easy enough to dispose of. So, look what I found in just one of his articles, Suicidal Lies (NYT 3/31/2002).

As our readers know, we have developed quite the file on little tommy. It is something we try to keep away from the eyes of his kids, But we do like other journalists to het a load of the heap of skunk waste this New York Times reporter can pack into a single article.

1. Thomas Friedman is getting plain wierd, He now believes that the "world must understand that the Palestinians have not chosen suicide bombing out of "desperation" stemming from the Israeli occupation. That is a huge lie. Why? because a lot of other people in the world are desperate, yet they have not gone around strapping dynamite to themselves." (NY Times, 3/31/2002)

Correction to Friedman lie #1. a small faction of Palestinians has been driven to suicidal/homicidal rage by a brutal military machine that was killing defenseless Palestinians by the hundreds and deliberately maiming them by the thousands. There is a lot of reasons folks get desperate. Facing a foriegn occupation is a rare thing in today's world. Only Jewish supremacists like Friedman think themselves entitled to rule over a native people, confiscate their lands to establish exclusive Jewish settlements, place them under siege for over a year, send American F16s to bomb their residential areas, Those who identify the source of their desperation, are perfectly entitled to resist foriegn rule. Or has Friedman forgotten the Warsaw Ghetto uprising? or the Tamils? or the Hungarians? Or Tianamen square? If Friedman and company were not so tribal, perhaps they would rejoice in the spirit of a people who would sacrifice so much for liberty.

2. Friedman's second Lie : More important, President Clinton offered the Palestinians a peace plan that could have ended their "desperate" occupation, and Yasir Arafat walked away.

Correction to Friedman lie #2: Clinton laid his vision to a gathering of Israeli Jews as he was leaving office and trying to leave a legacy. The fact is that the Clinton administration had a State Department populated entirely by Yiddish supremacist who did everything they could to prevent the atainment of a Palestinian State. During Oslo, the Israelis doubled their settlements. Not a good sign of good faith. The Barak plan was to be subject to an Israeli vote. Israel voted to reject peace and elected a serial mass murderer to quash Palestinian aspirations. Sharon promised to scrap Oslo. And with Friedman's able assistance, he is almost there. What did the Palestinians have after seven years of Oslo? Nothing.

3. Friedman's Third Lie : Still more important, the Palestinians have long had a tactical alternative to suicide: nonviolent resistance, la Gandhi. A nonviolent Palestinian movement appealing to the conscience of the Israeli silent majority would have delivered a Palestinian state 30 years ago, but they have rejected that strategy, too.

Correction to Friedman lie #3: Thirty years ago, would be 1972. Golda Meir was arrogant enough to feel she didn't even need to negotiate with the Egyptians over Sinai, much less a Palestinian State. That is what forced Egypt to resort to the 1973 war. Thirty years ago, the Israelis started making facts on the ground with settlements for alleged 'security purposes'. They also confiscated 30% of Gaza for 7000 Jewish settlers, again for 'security purposes'. Any Palestinian dissension was met not just with imprisonment (indefinite administrative detention), but torture while imprisoned. Friedman flatters himself and his people if he thinks Israelis have the demeanor or decency of the British. Israeli military doctrines have always stipulated massive use of violence against Arabs. And they used outright deportation of natives from Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

4. Friedman's Fourth Lie: The reason the Palestinians have not adopted these alternatives is because they actually want to win their independence in blood and fire. All they can agree on as a community is what they want to destroy, not what they want to build.

Correction to Friedman lie #4: This is a blatant canard. Who has been destroying every major Palestinian asset. Is that not the explicit policy of Ariel Sharon, to destroy Palestinian infrastructure. What exactly has the IDF left standing in the West Bank and Gaza. In his many trips to 'his country' has Friedman bothered to visit the occupied territories to survey the damage to roads, government and private buildings, hospitals, schools, police stations, even the church of the nativity. Palestinians are known through the Middle East for their skill at building homes of lovely stone. Friedman should leave his bigotry behind and stop demonizing a people that have endured entirely too much repression from his people.

5. Friedman's Fifth Lie: This threatens all civilization because if suicide bombing is allowed to work in Israel, then, like hijacking and airplane bombing, it will be copied and will eventually lead to a bomber strapped with a nuclear device threatening entire nations. That is why the whole world must see this Palestinian suicide strategy defeated.

Correction to Friedman Lie #5: Now that sounds like the speech Sharon gave yesterday. It is not the Palestinians who are a threat to the whole world. If ever there was one little country that caused grief in the world, it is Israel. How many countries in the world are conducting anything close to this land thieving racist occupation. And for thirty five years. Israel does not abide by international law, ignores peace overtures, refuses to implement United Nations Security council resolutions, deals with thugs from the Apartheid regime to the Contras, has already developed weapons of mass destruction, commits war crimes on a regular basis, sells weapons to anyone with a buck and hires legions of liars like Friedman to defame the Palestinians.

6. Friedman's Sixth Lie: How do we produce that deterrence among Palestinians? First, Israel needs to deliver a military blow that clearly shows terror will not pay. Second, America needs to make clear that suicide bombing is not Israel's problem alone. To that end, the U.S. should declare that while it respects the legitimacy of Palestinian nationalism, it will have no dealings with the Palestinian leadership as long as it tolerates suicide bombings. Further, we should make clear that Arab leaders whose media call suicide bombers "martyrs" aren't welcome in the U.S.

Correction to Friedman Lie #6: Friedman is again advocating a military solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since the start of the uprising along with his Israel First clique. The suicide bombings are a symptom of the occupation. The desease is the occupation and the settlements and the illegal confiscation of native lands. The rage comes from humiliation. Another killing spree by Friedman's war criminal idols will only result in the death and mutilation of additional thousands. More victims. More need fore vengeance. That might please Friedman and Sharon. But it is no solution. Draging in the United States on the side of Israeli repression is also not a good idea. Wasn't 911 enough for Friedman and company. Friedman should put his 'American' hat on for a few minutes before he and his zealots for zion drag us in to another confrontation for the sake of a militaristic expansionist racist Israel.

7. Friedman's Seventh Lie: The Palestinians are so blinded by their narcissistic rage that they have lost sight of the basic truth civilization is built on: the sacredness of every human life, starting with your own. If America, the only reality check left, doesn't use every ounce of energy to halt this madness and call it by its real name, then it will spread. The Devil is dancing in the Middle East, and he's dancing our way.

Correction to Friedman Lie #7: When Friedman assumes his Yiddish supremacist pose and lectures Palestinians on the sacredness of every human life, I reach for my puke bag. Friedman is constantly advising Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims about what they ought to do to improve themselves. Well, considering the massive amounts of improvement needed to make Friedman an honest journalist, I suggest that he allocate his time more judiciously. He could also spend some time providing appropriate therapy for the psychotic Ariel Sharon. Friedman should be advising his people to reconsider their ethno-centric chauvanism. He should be explaining to the rest of America why so many American Jewish leaders, including Sulzberger, have embraced Ariel Sharon, knowing full well his rap sheet at Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. He should tell Israelis to tone down their war crimes. The Devil dancing in the Middle East dances just like Thomas Friedman.

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