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April 28, 2002
Challenging the Washington Times

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia Reader:

In a city that is as diverse as our planet, the Washington Times publishes one of the most racist papers in these United States. On any given day, they fill their editorial pages with the writings of some of the most accomplished bigots in the land. It is time for the people in Washington DC to actively challenge the publishers of this paper. If you own a store, don't sell their paper. If you deliver their paper, find another job. If you subscribe to their rag sheet, cancel today. This is a paper that actively advocates the expulsion of the Palestinians from their native lands. In article after article, they applaud the crimes of Ariel Sharon and defame the long-suffering Palestinians. On a more general note, we strongly believe that the Washington Times promotes a culture of hate in our nation's capital. Buy just one copy on any given day and you will find ample justification for our concerns. And keep in mind that it is published by the Reverand Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church (also known as the Moonies).


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