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October 18, 2001
Urgent Appeal to NileMedia Readers

By Ahmed Amr.


Dear NileMedia Reader: It is time once again to ask you to help us out. Because of the tragic events of the last month, many Americans seem to have gained an interest in the Middle East. At NileMedia, we like to believe that we have some compelling alternative views, especially on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We hope you can lend us a hand in distributing our work. We do not charge for the reproduction of our editorial articles and would like you to cut and paste them and send them on to whoever you think might be interested.

If you look back to some of our articles before 9/11/2001, you will find that we have been consistently nailing the inept and deceptive journalism that is practiced at CNN, FOX, The New York Times and The Washington Post. The record on the New York Times, which was the focus of many of our articles, is not something any honest publisher would be proud of. So, it is time to revisit some of those articles. Send them to any party you may think has an interest.

So, help us leverage the archives that we have built over the last 12 months:
circulate the following sample articles. Many of these articles were written with the objective of being durable essays. They were published prior to the atrocities in New York and the Pentagon. Compare what we were publishing to what the New York Times and Washington Post were publishing. Confronting the intellectual degenerates who toil for Sulzberger is light duty. They have to resort to some audacious arguments to sanitize a war-criminal like Ariel Sharon and justify the continued repression of the Palestinian people. This is a good day for you to help us expose Sulzberger by emailing our work to a friend or a publication that might want to share it with their readers. We depend on our readers to be our circulation department. We have by now proven, to the satisfation of the majority of our readers, that these 'national newspapers' are actually nothing more than glorified ethnic 'spin' machines.