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November 09, 2001
Ted Koppel interviews Yiddish Supremacist Daniel Pipes

By Ahmed Amr.


Ted Koppel made a name for himself during the hostage crisis in Iran. His Camera crew focused in on the crowds outside the American Embassy for over a year. His mission was to sabotage every attempt at reconcilement between the Carter administration and the Ayatollah. He knew full well that if you walked a few blocks away from the Embassy, life in Iran was more than just about a few thousand militant students. The city and its people actually continued to live a fairly normal life, once you were a few blocks from the American Embassy. But Koppel's mission was to stir up anti-Iranian hate in America and boost his own ratings. The fall of the Shah was not good news for the Yiddish supremacists. Savak and Mossad were good buddies. Besides, it has always been part of the Israel Firsters agenda to create a permanent and wide rift between America and the people of the Middle East. That allows them to go on with their vaudevillian routine about how Israel is the only reliable ally with 'democratic' and Western values. They always conveniently forget the three million Palestinians living under draconian military rule imposed by a vicious IDF.

In twenty-two years of presenting his Nightline program on ABC, Ted Koppel has never bothered investigating the war crimes of Ariel Sharon. He spent the whole of last year avoiding covering the Palestinian uprising. He virtually ignored the first Palestinian uprising. His choice of panelists consistently shows a bias to his fellow ethnics, some of them with deeply rooted racist ideologies.

A Jewish State ruled by a series of war criminals is fine by Ted Koppel. Just last night he invited Daniel Pipes, an ultra right-wing extremist Likudnik with a crazed look in his eye. They were having a chat about Saudi Arabia. Of course, they both agreed that what was needed was more American pressure on the Saudis for some fictitious lack of compliance with American wishes. Never mind that Powell, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice have all publicly emphasized that they are very satisfied with Saudi cooperation.

Now, I am no fan of the Saudi monarchs, but what gives here? A tug of war between the Israel Firsters and the administration to determine who is 'in' and who is 'out' of the coalition. Notice how any Bush administration criticism of Sharon is always discreetly swept under the carpet. You are left to wonder if Ted Koppel is a an agent of the Israeli State? Or just a run of the mill Likudnik who worships Sharon.

Today, the State Department Spokesman, Richard Boucher, finally told the 'journalists' who just landed from 'Chandrala' that their questions were tedious and stupid. His exact words were "You ask the same question every day. We give you the same answers every day." The reason they ask the same questions is they don't like the answer. These Jewish Media tycoons don't send their boys there just to ask questions but to strongly suggest answers. The State Department briefings are blatantly manipulated by the Israeli Lobby. When will we start bombing Baghdad? Why is it taking so long to bomb Afghanistan, don't we need to be moving to phase 2 and bomb Saddam? That is the nature of the questions they constantly ask to give the impression that the American 'public' wants to escalate the war. But it is the Israeli Lobby that wants to escalate the war and place obstacles to resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Why? Because Sharon wants it that way. Even Peres is openly criticizing Sharon for his obstructionism. But not these 'American' Likudniks in the mass media. They want to be of service to the idol they worship, a mass murderer by trade, Arik. They just love to spill Palestinian blood at the New York Times and Washington Post and on NightLine.

These media marvels completely ignored Sharon's refusal to show up to a meeting with President Bush. They never paid any mind to the number of Palestinian casualties inflicted by the latest Israeli invasion of West Bank villages. Three Palestinians were executed by the IDF at point blank range and these 'journalists' had nothing to ask about the incident. Another subject they avoid is the presence of an American military garrison in Saudi Arabia. Was that a good idea? Koppel wouldn't ask that question, would he? Because he knows that the idea was designed by the Israel Firsters to humiliate the Arabs and to have another 'occupation' army in the Middle East, so their beloved Israeli government would not be singled out for criticism.

Just the fact that Daniel Pipes, a walking Likudnik rant, served in the State Department and Defense Department should be of grave concern. This is no ordinary Likudnik. This is man is an avowed ethnic cleanser. But he is a good pal of Ted Koppel who is a good pal of Bibi Netenyahu. Yet Koppel never ever mentions his personal ties to the Jewish state. Daniel Pipes also writes a column for the Daily Post, which is owned by Murdoch, a great personal buddy of Ariel Sharon, who will go to his grave a war criminal. Then you have CNN's Arron Brown, a fawning Yiddish supremacists from his days in Seattle, interviewing Jeff Greenberg. Do these guys have an aversion to conversing with non-Yiddish people? Because being only 2% of the population, they seem to be the majority of the pundits and mass media tycoons who are tasked with delivering us "fair and balanced" news. And the one taboo subject they will not discuss is the Israeli Lobby. The very Lobby they have actively supported for years. Since 911, I have yet to see a single major paper address the influence of the Israeli Lobby on our disastrous foreign policy. Not one.

The major problem we are encountering now is that the United States will have to depend on these same Yiddish Supremacists to improve America's image in the Middle East. That is highly unlikely. First of all, they tend to be Arab haters and it shows. Second, they love Israel more than they love America and will make sure that Israeli priorities are met first. If Sharon wants to expand settlements, they will demand that the American government comply. One of the surest ways to get America's story out to the world is to first develop another story line, one that might have half a chance of succeeding. Maybe we should try an American policy that is not centered on the racist Yiddish supremacists who go out of their way to inflict misery on every other people in the Middle East. Maybe including a few Arab-American voices in the debate would help create a policy as decent as the American people. We certainly must break the Yiddish choke hold on the debate, for the good of all Americans, including the Yiddish. As usual, the Arab-American community has met with obstructionism in the media. We have been frozen out of the government. The only Arab-Americans allowed 'access' are those who have been muzzled so long that they have forgotten they were born with mouths. The current intimidating climate further silences what could be one of the mightiest weapons in the American arsenal. The millions of Arab-Americans who have thrived and prospered and flourished in America are great testimony to the character of the American people. In the three decades of my American experience, I have rarely encountered discrimination in education, housing or employment. Quite the contrary, I always marveled at how I was granted generous access to these essential components of an American's life passage. America has been good to us, because individual Americans embraced us as fellow citizens.

911 changed our success story. The Middle East we left behind came crashing on our front doors. Our ethnicity matters. 1200 of us have been detained, most innocent of anything but fitting a certain profile. We have been put on the defensive. Why? It was not our community that was in charge of foreign policy or airport security or intelligence. Although I retain my deep faith in the decency of my fellow Americans, I always had my doubts about the government. After all, men who could construct a racist foreign policy are perfectly capable of constructing racist domestic policies.

So, today, when our government needs our counsel, we are not being asked for our views. Instead we are under assault to prove our loyalty. Frankly, if America were serious, the only loyalties we should be investigating right now are the loyalties of a few of these media tycoons who seem to be firmly in bed with a repressive Israel led by a war criminal Prime Minister. We should also be investigating Senatorial campaigns that were unduly influenced by large campaign contributions from pro-Israeli Political Action Committees? When is an American President going to take the steps needed to neutralize this dangerous alien conspiracy that has corrupted our whole domestic political process all for the sake of a Yiddish supremacist state? It is time to challenge the Yiddish supremacists in the media. The least they can do is identify themselves as Jewish when discussing the situation in the Middle East and explain how they all managed to 'forgive' a war criminal like Ariel Sharon.