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November 1, 2001
NileMedia's First Anniversary

By Ahmed Amr.


A year ago, on the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, we launched NileMedia.com. We declared ourselves pamphleteers for the Palestinians and saved ourselves the trouble and expense of publishing pamphlets by setting up a website. While our young venture has grown, part of our success came at the expense of another disastrous year for the Palestinians. It was a dismal year that cursed us with a mounting Palestinian death toll, the election of a callous war criminal as Israeli Prime Minister, the year long siege of Palestinian towns and villages, the impoverishment of the majority of the population living under occupation, the increasing rage of young Palestinians, the assassination of Palestinian leaders and the destruction of vital private and public property. The Israeli public compounded the problems by voting for Ariel Sharon, the notorious butcher Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. As an American, it was painful to watch every major American Jewish Organization embrace Sharon. They knew Sharon's crimes and just wanted a repeat performance. With their 'influence' they made sure that the Bush administration came to Washington with a one line agenda: "let Sharon win the war." As an additional bonus, Colin Powell allowed Israel to use the American Veto in the Security Council.

A simple deal had been struck between the media moguls and the new administration. The Israel Firsters in the Media would desist from questioning the 'legitimacy' of the Bush Presidency and give him support on his domestic agenda. In return, Ariel Sharon would be allowed to go berserk on the Palestinians.

Than came the carnage of 911 in New York and at the Pentagon. And our world was instantly changed. Suddenly, the Bush administration noticed that America had made dangerous enemies abroad and that they had to be dealt with. So, he improved our airport security, sent our armed forces in search of Bin Laden, took a new interest in resolving the Israeli/Palestinian dispute and built an international coalition to combat terrorism.

Again, the disaster of 911 made NileMedia even more popular with our visitors. More Americans were suddenly interested in reading alternative news on the subject of the Middle East. So, our visitors doubled in the last month. We wish we could have grown on good news; on news of peace and reconciliation. But unfortunately, we have had precious little good news to report.

Although our venture began with modest resources, we actually published more articles on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict than either Newsweek or Time or US World and News Report. Every one of those articles is still available on our site. We also kept our promise to publish only the truth. It was an easy enough promise to keep, since the Palestinian narrative does not need to be embellished. It only needs to be told.

As promised, we kept a keen eye on the Israel Firsters at the New York Times and The Washington Post. They spent the year sanitizing Ariel Sharon's war crime files and passing him off as a 'conservative' leader. Predictably, they published every IDF press release as if it was the Gospel truth. They further polluted their archives with outright lies and deception and many of their pundits were arrogant enough to publicly call for the expulsion of the Palestinians from what remained of their native lands. On that count, The Washington Post proved itself more morally retarded than the other 'national' newspaper.

What we have developed over the last year is enough material to forever tarnish the reputation of New York Times reporters like Deborah Sontag, Thomas Friedman and William Safire. We have also established that The New York Times is a virtual belligerent in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We think it natural to assume that they also 'fix' stories on other topics. They manage to retain respect only by virtue of their volume of production. This also holds true for the Washington Post. And if no one noticed, we think Murdoch and his FOX network continue to be a 24/7 hate machine. CNN is only marginally less offensive and MSNBC should really go back to its area of expertise, Chandra and shark attacks.

As we end our first year, we are gratified with our growth, but dismayed at the state of the world and the incredible demise of the 'journalism' produced by our Mass Media Moguls. We watch in horror as our government is lobbied by the 'press', which is a virtual extension of the Israeli Lobby. We know for certain that the atrocities of 911 were not inevitable. Rather, they were a byproduct of a risky foreign policy that had nothing to do with our national interests and everything to do with how the Israeli Lobby finances political campaigns. We know that even now, after the loss of 5000 innocent lives, the majority of American 'journalists' lack the fortitude to examine the Israeli lobby's role in designing a foreign policy that has invited ruin to our shores.

We hope that on our next anniversary, we will post news of peace and justice. In the meantime, we thank you for your support over the last year. We grew because you were good enough to recommend us to others. We would also like to thank the other websites that have carried our articles. Special thanks to Ali Khan of MediaMonitors.net who has encouraged us and published virtually all our articles.

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