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November 1, 2001
Middle East Foreign Policy After Midnight

By Ahmed Amr.


For years now, there has been a lot of talk about the virtues of personal responsibility. Those who have preached these virtues from their bully pulpits in the mass media are now in a unique position to come to terms with the error of their ways. Imagine, if the Israel Firsters in the mass media, a group that is all to willing to market venomous snake oil, would come clean and take responsibility for some of the policies that invited the murderous assaults against our shores on 911.

The mass media tycoons, from Sulzberger to Graham to Murdoch to Levine, are all too willing to use their infotainment monopolies to bend our minds with their ethnic agendas. These are men have no problem with probing the other guy's religion. Yet their hired pundits will go ape if somebody notices the big invisible elephant in the room; the extremist Yiddish supremacists who have elevated the Jewish State of Israel to the level of a deity.

For the last five decades, religious fundamentalism has encroached into the American public arena. An extremist right wing group of lobbyists, collectively known as the Jewish lobby, has essentially hijacked our Middle East policy. As a by-product of their ambitious agenda, they have manufactured some very serious enemies. Enemies we could certainly have done without. It is time for this lobby to back off a bit and the take into consideration the millions of lives that have been ruined by their persistent attempts to place Israeli interests above all others?

Is it possible for individual CNN media personalities like Jeff Greenberg, Wolf Blitzer, Aaron Brown and Larry King to properly identify themselves as part of the Israeli Lobby? It is intellectually dishonest to do otherwise. Besides, it is all too obvious. Could Thomas Friedman and William Safire publicly declare that they are virtual public relations agents for Israel? In these dangerous times, could they take a minute to explain their infatuation with a war criminal like Ariel Sharon? A note from their shrink would do.

Any honest analysis of the dismal failure of American foreign policies in the Middle East must delve into the murky operations of the Jewish Lobby. It is a lobby that has completely disfigured the image of America among the native people of the Middle East. Indeed, they are now working overtime to assure that America's 'public diplomacy' efforts fail, lest their success result in ending the Israeli repression of the Palestinians. Every major American Jewish Organization in America has warmly embraced Ariel Sharon, knowing full well that his resume includes vicious criminal atrocities in places like Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. The American Jewish Community has a leadership that has joined forces to create a constituency for repression. It is certain that many average American Jews consider these 'leaders' to be an eccentric fringe. But, they will need to speak out, so that we can dump the Lobby's canards in that unmarked grave that George Bush is digging for history's discarded lies.

If you watch the Israel Firsters carefully, they are easy enough to figure out. Right now their big trip is to question whether Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are 'reliable allies'. They constantly agitate for opening a second front against Iraq, a third front against Iran, a fourth front against Libya and a fifth front against the Sudan. They have suddenly discovered that human rights violations are the law of the land in Uzbekistan. Of late, they have glossed over Sharon's murderous escapade in Bethlehem and surrounding villages, which cost 50 lives, many of them innocent civilians. IDF brutality never seems to concern the Yiddish supremacists who rule over our mass media empires. They are too busy enlisting in Sharon's crusade to derail the anti-terror coalition. These boys know how to use their media franchise as a lethal weapon against any American administration that gets in the way of Israel's foreign policy.

Now, in the aftermath of the assault on New York, George Bush can make some serious choices for the good of America and the rest of the planet. He can stop allowing his cabinet to be ambushed daily by the Yiddish media's pundits. At a recent state department briefing, they had dozens of questions about Anthrax and two about Sharon's murder of 50 Palestinians in Bethlehem. That is their way of burying the news that Sharon was thumbing his nose at America.

If Bush wants to reclaim sovereignty over foreign policy, he should stop giving special privileges like exclusive interviews to the New York Times and The Washington Post. It is especially important to neutralize the New York Times, which fancies itself a shadow government. A kick in the teeth for the Yiddish supremacists at the Washington Post would do their journalism little harm. The government should reduce those two papers to their natural size as ethnic municipal rags. They should also investigate their hiring practices. There is a reason that both papers sound like an inter-Yiddish dialogue, because these guys love to talk amongst themselves and they insist on controlling the debate. If they think we should all take a road trip to Chandrala to visit Condit, that is where they send us. The crazy thing, is that many of these same intellectual peons have deluded themselves into thinking they can go from covering Chandra and sharks attacks to 'covering up' the Middle East, Afghanistan and the role of the Israeli Lobby.

Amusement is hard to come by these days. So Just for laughs, I sometimes watch Chris Mathews and Geraldo Rivera. The amazing thing is that these guys apparently think they have a clue. The lack of competence is actually quite convenient. If you had real journalists on this story, they might have started inquiring into the exact size of the invisible rogue elephant, the Israeli lobby. Maybe an authentic journalist would corner Thomas Friedman and ask what he means by writing that "it's time now to tell the truth" (NYT, 10/31/01). Can it be that Friedman is coming out of his closet of lies and deception and going straight? Will William Safire end his charm offensive for his favorite Israeli war criminal, Sharon? Will the Washington post stop coordinating with the Israeli lobby to put a hole in the international coalition? Will Rupert Murdoch and FOX tone down their 24/7 anti-Muslim campaign? Don't hold your breath. Friedman can't help lying. It's a professional requirement for those who work at the New York Times, The Daily Ruse.

As you might have noted, the mass media tycoons have declared open season on the CIA and the FBI, have second-guessed the Military on appropriate use of air strikes and have collaborated in spreading the Anthrax scare. Well, what about a second look at our foreign policy and the role of the mass media wizards in crippling our nation's national interests with their Israel First agendas. When are they going to take responsibility for being constant advocates of repression in the Middle East? When are they going to investigate the Israel Firsters like Wolfowitz, Perle, Dennis Ross, Holbrooke, Albright, Indyk, Rubin and Kurzer? Why were so many of these Yiddish supremacists allowed to penetrate the State Department and use their powerful positions to advance the cause of a foreign state? When are our mass media lords going to investigate the role of the Jewish Lobby in corrupting our Congressmen and Senators?

Ain't going to happen. By sheer volume and the absence of alternative voices, the Israel Firsters have once again demonstrated near total control of their mind messing mass media machines. But they seem to have a blind spot. What they don't see is that Americans are intent of getting to the bottom of this. Most Americans still can't understand why anyone would hate us this much. And they don't buy the 'Hollywood, short skirts and liberty' story line. But this juncture, the Yiddish supremacists have few alternatives. They cannot afford to have an open public debate on their historic role in disfiguring our foreign policy to meet Israel's every whim. More is at stake than the deflating of a five decade propaganda campaign for the racist Jewish state. It is way past midnight, and these mass media franchises face a real danger of permanently losing the public's trust in their veracity. One day soon, enough Americans will find ways to circumvent the mass media tycoons and discover the realities of our foreign policy. And the facts will prove that our political classes leased out the State Department to a deranged group of arrogant Yiddish media tycoons who worship thugs like Ariel Sharon.

If Yiddish supremacists manage to get away with their usual vaudevillian act, after the loss of 5000 of our citizens, we will have even darker days ahead. We need to impress upon the Israel Firsters that Americans want a decent foreign policy that will represent the true face of our country to the rest of the world. They have already inflicted immense damage to our country with their single-minded loyalty to Israel. With every passing year, they become more like a cult, willing to mindlessly market whatever Sharon feels like doing. They need to be confronted and asked to broaden their horizons to include American and Palestinian interests.

The hour is way past Midnight. So much damage has already been inflicted on America. Would it be too much to ask those responsible for our predicament to stand up and take personal responsibility? Or will we have to wait for a Robert McNamara 'confession' that will come too late and be of little use?