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August 03, 2001
A message to NileMedia supporters

By Ahmed Amr.


Please Help NileMedia grow
an open letter to our readers

Dear NileMedia visitor: We would like to begin by apologizing for not responding to all our mail. We read all our mail but cannot hope to respond to all of it. Because of your support, we have managed to grow at an astounding rate, last month we grew by 40%. Basically if we keep growing at that rate, we will become, if not an eight hundred pound gorilla, at least a baby gorilla with strong teeth. While we get the ocassional complaint, most of our mail is very supportive. We are now getting 25% of our visitors from outside the United States.

We do not send out emails to our mailing list, because of legal liability considerations. We do not have chat rooms, since they tend to attract the zionist lunatic fringe and we have no in-house therapist to treat them. So, we ask that you set NileMedia as one of your favorite links and visit us as often as you can. We update the site three or four times a week. And quite a bit of our material is original.

We seem to have drawn a lot of attention from the activist community and we certainly encourage individual Americans to take a stand. In this regard, we would especially like to honor those Americans and Europeans who have volunteered to act as Human Shields for Palestinian communities under Israeli siege.

These courageous Americans put their lives on the line every day. Since the international community and the United States government refuse to provide the Palestinians with protection from lethal Israeli assaults, these gutsy activists are taking matters into their own hands and putting their personal safety on the line. We, at NileMedia, pray for their safe return and thank them for their courage. They also bring to the Palestinian struggle for Independence a concrete sign of support and concern and solidarity from many progressive elements in the United States and Europe. We will try to bring you their stories on NileMedia and encourage the activists themselves to submit their work for publication.

We would like to thank the many other pro-Palestinian web-sites that continue to alert the world to the daily repression of the Israeli occupation. In this regard, we would like to mention MediaMonitors.net and MiddleEastWire.com, PMWatch.com and Abunimah.org. Please give them your support. These are important initiatives that are really having an effect in taking on the formidable Israeli Lobby. Lets help them thrive.

And we do have a request for you. Help us spread our message by mentioning NileMedia to your friends, co-workers and relatives. If you have your own website, or know someone who does, please advise them that we have free content. We have grown simply on the strength of word of mouth. And it has carried us to the six corners of the earth. So, help us out a little and let others know that NileMedia.com is serious about speaking truth to power.

You can begin helping us by emailing this document to anyone you think might be interested.

Warm Regards
Ahmed Amr